What Is Fluency, What Is Mastery...And How Do You Get There?

This week on the Fluent Show, Lindsay and I went deep into what fluency is, adding in a few other words that often feel awkward to use. It's a great conversation, and will provide you with a new sense of clarity and inspiration, so you can confidently go out there and do what you need to do: learn languages and feel great about it!

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Podcast Episode 28: What You Are is What You Say (Language and Identity)

language learning podcast

Welcome to Episode 28, a fun collection of language learning news. Lindsay and I shared our progress in Japanese and Welsh, read out wonderful listener feedback, and moved on to 3 big news items.

This episode is brought to you with support from HelloTalk, the world's largest language exchange app.

What's it like when your language changes to express who you are?

The episode features an interview with J from Compassionate Language Learner who identifies as gender-neutral and has some fabulous things to say about the topic.


See The World in a New Way with Emoji

An emoji is ‘word of the year’, but is it even a word? Is this good? * Emoji word of the year

African Languages Aren’t English

The East African Council has just switched its lead language from English to Kiswahili.

Tips of the Week

Lindsay’s tip is using the Interlinear books method of learning a language.

Only two tips in this episode: 1) Make weekly commitment meet-ups such as going to exercise classes with a language buddy 2) Discover Binaural songs and Interlinear Books

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