About Kerstin

Kerstin, that's me. I founded Fluent in 2012.

I am a native German speaker and come from the beautiful Moselle valley. These days, one of the things about me that seems to surprise people is that my English is almost native-like and yet I never studied a language before the age of 10. It's possible. You're not too old, ever.

I've had a passion for languages since we danced to odd Hebrew songs in Kindergarten, and have studied English, French, Italian, Latin and Spanish. I'm currently trying my hand at Welsh.

I also teach German to a few private online students, who are nothing short of AWESOME.

The Fluent Philosophy

The philosophy behind Fluent is simple:

  • Language learning is for everyone, not just young, rich, smart, privileged people.
  • Learning languages is a joyful thing.
  • When you find the tools and resources that work for you, it even becomes easy.

Here I am, speaking 25 different European languages on YouTube!