About Kerstin

Kerstin, that's me. I founded Fluent in 2012.

I am a native German speaker and come from the beautiful Moselle valley. These days, one of the things about me that seems to surprise people is that my English is almost native-like and yet I never studied a language before the age of 10. It's possible. You're not too old, ever.

I am ambivalent about the Oxford comma but tend to end up using it.

My presentation at the Polyglot Conference 2018

My presentation at the Polyglot Conference 2018

I've had a passion for languages since we danced to odd Hebrew songs in Kindergarten, and have studied English, French, Italian, Latin, Russian and Spanish. I'm currently trying my hand at Welsh. My native dialect is Moselfränkisch, and so I also understand most of Luxembourgish.

I teach German to a few private online students, and run language learning retreats to Germany.

I love to speak and deliver workshops to help more people discover their own language learning path, and have presented at many respected events and institutions, including the Polyglot Gathering, Polyglot Conference, Langfest, Coleg Gwent, and Lancaster University.

The Fluent Philosophy

The philosophy behind Fluent is simple:

  • Language learning is for everyone, not just young, rich, smart, privileged people.

  • Learning languages is a joyful thing.

  • When you find the tools and resources that work for you, it even becomes easy.

Here I am, speaking 25 different European languages on YouTube!