For Spanish Learners

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Effective Online Courses

Say Something in Spanish

These free audio lessons feature a male and female speaker. The start of every new lesson features in-built revision for the last, which makes the progression easy. You learn structures instead of phrases, meaning the power is in your hand.\

Fluent Spanish Academy

This is a super-rich programme designed to guide you from beginner through the ‘intermediate’ plateau and into language fluency, created by my friend Olly Richards. Includes world-class materials, live training, and accountability through their Spanish learning community.

A favourite among Spanish learners! This site offers Spanish courses for three different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

For Listening And Speaking

Glossika Spanish

Glossika offers courses in Spanish (Mexico and Spain) and Catalan. Their courses are audio-based, downloadable, and prompt you to speak immediately. Great for busy people who want to learn a new language efficiently.

For Kids

BBC Primary Languages Spanish

Playful games and videos for kids, but who said you're not allowed to play with your language as an adult!


Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish

This is a cult classic when it comes to learning Spanish. This book is all about communication, so you’ll get the most out of this for boosting your speaking skills.


El Blog para Aprender Español

This is a blog written in Spanish with the occasional English translation or guideline, offering free materials for download to use to practice your Spanish. El Blog offers you everything from an insight into Spanish culture and life in Spain, to basic grammar lessons.

XKCD Comic En Español

Another perfect study break, or why not try adding XKCD to your daily routine!

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