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  • Beginners' Grammar: My video course Finally Get It in French Grammar takes you through the full A1 level grammar with simple explanations and examples, quizzes and downloadable worksheets. I teach the course in a fun way (yes, fun grammar, believe it or not), offering explanations of each grammar term so you never have to look up what they mean.

  • Beginners Need a complete package of everything? Get French Uncovered. This is the sister course to my own German Uncovered programme and teaches you from A1 to B1 through an intriguing story about three friends hunting answers to a mystery.

  • Speaking: Do French speakers answer back to you in English? Then you need a boost in French language AND culture! Géraldine from Comme Une Française has the BEST resource if you are an expat or want to speak to normal people in France. Try this free 10 Day Crash Course and double your Frenchness.

Study Tools

  • Bon Patron is your French autocorrect tool. If you want to practice your writing skills, type some sentences in there and it will help you with any spelling or grammar errors it can find. Sounds perfect.
  • If you are baffled by French verbs, Bescherelle will help. Recommended by French teachers around the world, and it has got me through a lot of language exams at university.

Books & Comics

  • The bestselling Short Stories for Beginners ( | Amazon UK) by Richard Simcott and Olly Richards is suitable for anyone wanting to grow their vocabulary with story instead of flash cards.
  • For intermediate to advanced French, I like Penguin Parallel Texts ( | Amazon UK | or in your library with some luck).
  • One of France's cultural strengths is their dedication to la bande dessinée (comics), and you'll find some awesome content in books like Astérix.

News in French

  • Thelocal has articles about France in English, a French word of the day, and it’s a great source of articles that you can look up in French later

  • TV5Monde is France’s international broadcaster and offers news articles, videos and language courses

  • French is spoken in other countries, too, and you can get local news in French from L’Africain and La Presse Canada

French Language TV Shows

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