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You were definitely going to learn German last year, but then you got busy. No worries, because 2019 can be YOUR year!!

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More German resources for all levels:

German Grammar

  • Want to discover a faster way to understanding German grammar? You'll find answers to every grammar questions in my video course Easy German Grammar for Beginners. The course contains 2.5 hours of video, lots of quizzes and workbooks, and simple examples throughout.
  • A good printed German grammar book I know is Deutsche Grammatik, supported by a great website and useful tables. It's helped me explain so many rules in clear terms, for example how plurals and compound words are made. A* reference material.
Speak German Like a Native - the German Accent Masterclass reviewed

Speak German Like a Native - the German Accent Masterclass reviewed

German Pronunciation

  • Speak German like a Native is my 5* pronunciation course for all learning levels. It takes you through every letter and complex sound of the German language.

German Vocabulary

German Books for Learners

  • André Klein is an author who specialises in writing great Kindle stories for German language learners, from crime fiction to fantasy books. Suitable from B1 level upwards.

Listening to German

German Language Movies and TV

Listen to our awesome podcast for tips about how to watch TV in a foreign language.

  • Deutschland 83 (live on Channel 4 UK, iTunes, DVD in the UK and USA)

  • Dark (on worldwide Netflix release)

  • Good Bye Lenin! (DVD in the UK and USA)

  • The Edukators (DVD in the UK and USA)

  • Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster. Their website is available in 30 languages and you can switch at the top right hand side of the site. They have courses for every level, and all for free, including the news and a big area for German teachers.

And a Freebie

My free mini-guide to speaking German is out now and will give you the best tips and 26 key phrases to make you ready for any conversation. It's free and waiting for you, simply click here.

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