Why is it so Hard to Find Pop Music in Other Languages?

This podcast goes into so much detail - it's an exploration of pop music in languages and language learning.

  • Why does pop music matter for language learning?
  • What influence does the industry have for which music gets made and which doesn't?
  • Why is English such a convenient language for pop music?
  • How should you incorporate pop music into your language learning routine...or should you?
  • Where can language learners find music in their own target language?
  • Who are our favourite artists in other languages?
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My Partner Speaks English - How Can I Help Them Learn My Language?

Are you ready to learn a language for love? Are you with a partner who can't say much in your native language?

It’s easy to fall in love, even without words. But sadly, learning a language doesn’t become easier even if you’re in love. Here are the things you can try for keeping your sweetheart motivated without putting too much pressure on them.

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Network Your Way to Better Language Skills and a Better Life

This post is a guest article from Tim Wenger, and I was bowled over by his motivating and positive attitudes about networking. We often hear how this can benefit people in their career, but have you ever thought to use your network by mentioning languages in the same way? Tim has some awesome tips here.

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How To: Bullet Journal for Effective Language Learning

Have you ever found yourself in a really good language learning flow, only to have a couple of days off and fall off the wagon? I know this has happened to me numerous times, whether when learning a language, trying to work out daily, or even trying to keep a housecleaning routine.

But now there's a perfect and beautiful answer: the Bullet Journal. Could this powerful paper-based organisation system help you get fluent in another language? Let's dive in and check it out!

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