7 Tips For Learning A Language From Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

If I had 5p every time I read someone telling someone else that the best way to learn a language is to "get a native speaking girlfriend", I think I could retire at 35. But don't get me wrong: having a native speaker on hand at any time of day certainly has its advantages.

Today, you'll hear from English teacher Nick Vance, who is in the lucky position of having that girlfriend. So, how's it working out?

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My Partner Speaks English - How Can I Help Them Learn My Language?

Are you ready to learn a language for love? Are you with a partner who can't say much in your native language?

It’s easy to fall in love, even without words. But sadly, learning a language doesn’t become easier even if you’re in love. Here are the things you can try for keeping your sweetheart motivated without putting too much pressure on them.

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