Why is it so Hard to Find Pop Music in Other Languages?

This podcast goes into so much detail - it's an exploration of pop music in languages and language learning.

  • Why does pop music matter for language learning?
  • What influence does the industry have for which music gets made and which doesn't?
  • Why is English such a convenient language for pop music?
  • How should you incorporate pop music into your language learning routine...or should you?
  • Where can language learners find music in their own target language?
  • Who are our favourite artists in other languages?
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Celebrate with a Birthday Graphic!

 There's a saying in German which goes "Feste wollen gefeiert werden", meaning "Occasions WANT to be celebrated." Did you read the last blog article? Fluent Language Tuition is 1!!! 

I thought you might miss it, but this occasion wants a bit of a party. So I'm having a nice glass of Hammes tonight, and treating you to a major special infographic. Haven't we come far!

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