13 Great Tools You Need For Making a Living as an Online Teacher (#2 is My Must-Have)

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In this week’s episode of the Fluent Show, Lindsay and I got down to business…well, a business chat. We discussed how we started and offers you one of the most in-depth looks we have ever offered into our businesses, mindsets, and how we work.

You can listen to the full show here to get an insight into our true stories of starting and running Fluent Language and Lindsay Does Languages.

And if you’re ready to set up your own gig online, here are the tools that we think you absolutely need to start your business.

Website Building

It’s 2019 and you need a website if you’re going to have a business. There’s no need to go all the way to a blog and podcast on day one, but if you know you have something to say it's worth investigating a solution that can adapt to your plans.

Our top 2 recommendations are:

  • Wordpress.org - The flexible blog and publishing platform that can become anything you want to create, and probably the most cost-effective web platform. If you build your site using Wordpress, you will need to set up and pay for hosting.
  • Squarespace - This all-in-one solution includes hosting, looks great, and is super reliable. Great if (like me) the mention of 10 different plugins gives you the fear.

We think it's absolutely necessary to own a good domain name. Don't go cheap there, and consider a matching email address (though that's less critical).

I buy all my domain names from Hover.

Email List Creation

When you start to teach or sell products for language learners online, it’s very helpful to set up an email list as soon as possible. Yes, you might have 4000 followers on Twitter or Instagram, but it’s much more beneficial to have a direct way to reach those people…because Twitter might close down one day but most people’s inboxes won’t.

Our top 3 tools for setting up an email list are:

Business Planning

It's so important to be organised when you work for yourself! Lindsay loves Asana while I'm a Trello fan.

We also couldn't manage without Skype and Zoom as our online communications tools.

Online Course Hosting

We love using Teachable, where you can host online courses with a beautiful and simple curriculum using lots of different media types. Video lectures? Check. Worksheets? Check. Monthly subscription model? They’ve got it covered.

Teachable was even our hostess with the mostest for Women in Language.

Personally I also sell courses on Udemy and my books are available on Gumroad.


The Fluent Show is hosted by Fireside, and Lindsay uses Fireside and Anchor.fm.

You can download a Mini Guide I have written for all aspiring podcasters, where you’ll learn more about planning and recording your first few episodes.

Sign up for the free mini guide here.


The 4 Hour Work Week- while we are not obsessed with the second half of the book, the first half is a great reset if you need to find courage and perspective for getting started.

The E-Myth Revisited - this book will help you understand how to stay organised in your business and see the difference between busywork and important owner work.

Learn More About Making & Selling Products

You've probably dreamt of "passive income". Online courses, books, worksheets, money while you sleep, growing on trees, living the laptop life.

But where do you start making those products? What does it take to keep going? And who's going to buy your brand new thing?

If you're eager to start making your first online course or book, we want you to have a great start. So we've recorded a free bonus audio for you to discover how we go about making and marketing our own products.

Enjoy, and leave us a comment below sharing your dream project!