New Podcast: Putting the World to Rights with Olly Richards

I never woke up and decided that I want to be a polyglot.

You wanna learn a language? Then I've got the guy for you! In today's podcast episode, I'm speaking with Olly Richards, the man behind I Will Teach You a Language. Olly is an expat Brit with a lot of travel experience under his belt, and his considered and smart answers really put me to shame.

You Will Learn More About:

  • Our Dreams of how Education can Make the Language Learning World so much Better
  • Why "Speaking" Can Become a Huge Obsession and Actually Damage your Motivation
  • What to Look Out for When Taking a Teaching Qualification
  • The Problem with the WHOLE Education System
  • How to Make Motivation Work
  • What Beginners should Read - and why reading Children's Books is not a good idea
  • Why Olly Advises that you DON'T Track Your Progress

Articles of the Week

Most Language Students unable to do more than understand Basic Phrases on the UK Guardian

The Best Way to Learn a Language is the Opposite of the Usual Way on Forbes

Tips of the Week

Out of the following fabulous three tips, Olly chose number 2 as his favourite tip - not without a lot of careful consideration though!

1) Use online self-tests as check-ins, not tutorials

2) "Makers Classroom", like at Raw Learning - follow foreign recipes, sewing patterns, directions?

3) Join Parleremo, a virtual town that teaches languages

Tips and Links from this Podcast

What is Content and Language Integrated Learning? (CLIL)

The 60 Second Fluency Test by Olly Richards

My Article that Sparked some Polyglot Debate

Der Weg zum Lesen, simple German short stories

Le Petit Nicolas et Les Copains, fun story in simple French

French Comic Books for Language Learners

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