10 Polyglot Conversations from Langfest 2017 in Montréal

This podcast episode is a bit like a Wundertüte - a lucky dip bag of interviews with wonderful people who made the 2017 Langfest event what it was. Thank you so much to all of these lovely people - Langfest was motivating, informative, energising, and of course very, very multilingual.

Here's a taste of what you'll find inside the episode:

Could you become a multilingual parent?

We've all seen the feats of Bella Devyatkina, who speaks 8 languages at age 5. But how does that work? In my interview with conference organizer Tetsu Young, we touched on the everyday actions that he and his wife create a multilingual environment for their three (!) kids.

Applying your outside skills to language learning

langfest podcast 2017 montreal

You might not know this, but all of us have hidden skills that help us learn languages. I interviewed Benny Lewis and Tim Pelletier to find out what theirs are.

Impressions of Québécois

From how to make those dipthong sounds to religious swearing, be a fly on the wall during our French-language lesson on the Québec dialect.

Learning in Your Coffee Break

In an interview with Mark Pentleton from Radio Lingua, we discussed how language learning can fit into anyone's busy life - and why doing a little bit less might just help you learn more.

Meeting Langfest Founder Tetsu

Meeting Langfest Founder Tetsu

A few words in Romanian

Listen to me try as hard as possible to get my Romanian pronunciation right with the kind help of presenter Mihai. Ooof!

Unconventional Motivational Techniques

Jana Fadness is a polyglot, translator, traveller, and introvert. She shares her insights on the most popular motivational techniques - and how she found her own unconventional ways of making things work. Jana's interview was amazing, her honesty stood out among the crowd.

I will share more about my talk with you as soon as the Langfest crew have put the finishing touches to their videos.

In the meantime, get the travel bug with me and check out 8 Life-Changing Language Learning Events Around the Globe.

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The 2012 Edublog Awards

Award shows! End of year awards! My favourite thing!

Okay, so maybe award shows aren't quite as good as a zumba session followed by chocolate, but I do love the nomination season. Let's have a look at some of my nominations for the 2012 Edublog Awards - keep an eye on these to find the best of 2012 online!

Fluent Language's Award Nominations

Discover some of the best language learning sites on the internet:


  • Best new blog
    Fair Languages
    - All of the Language Learning news and tricks from a bunch of great contributors.

  • Best ed tech / resource sharing blog
    Edukwest - Kirsten Winkler's video interview series, and more!

  • Best educational wiki
    TES Resources - a great rich archive of resources from teachers in the UK

  • Best individual tweeter
    @lingualiacom with its fun mix of links and tweets that make me giggle

  • Best free web tool
    LEO - what could be better!

I have not nominated blogs and social media users in every category, but hopefully I've found a few gems you had not yet discovered. Looking forward to the awards - oh, and the SPEECHES!