Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language in the World Forever, Even If You're Naturally Forgetful do people do it?

Memorizing and remembering vocabulary can become a tedious and intimidating part of language learning. It is commonly said that even the most functional fluency levels are based on the learner remembering over 2,000 words - no wonder you may find the thought of vocabulary intimidating. 

If your biggest problem when studying a new language is how to remember all those vocabulary words, then The Vocab Cookbook has the right recipe for you! This guide shows you how to learn and remember the vocabulary of any language forever.

"How do I remember all those words?"

"Is there a secret code?"

"Do I have to spend days reviewing flashcards?"

"Or should I chant the words before I go to bed?"

These questions show how confusing the many techniques out there can be.

Kerstin Hammes is a language lover who has studied over six languages and continues to teach and learn with joy and enthusiasm. In The Vocab Cookbook she will show you how she achieved fluency and trained many learners in English, German, French, Spanish and more.

Imagine having a brain like a dictionary and remembering every word quickly. The Vocab Cookbook has tips to help you with that.

The Vocab Cookbook is a truly great vocabulary 101 guide. The way Kerstin has divided vocabulary learning into growing, memorizing and revising, is something that we at Lang-8 have been putting to use and let me tell you, it’s been working wonders!
— The team at

In this short and straightforward guide, you'll learn: 

  • The Three Steps behind successful word memory: Acquire, Memorize, Revise
  • Where to find the best system for remembering words forever
  • How techniques can be adapted to suit your own learning styles 
  • Why remembering grammar is different from remembering vocabulary, and what you can do about it

Discover Your Natural Learning Style

The Vocab Cookbook builds onto leading pedagogical and even neurological models, and adds the familiar friendly and professional writing you know from the Fluent blog. Kerstin will guide you through the most important factors of and explain in plain English:

  • how adults process information when learning a new language
  • how knowledge can be split into easy-to-understand components
  • and how your natural learning style should inform how you study.

For example, here are a few studies that can completely turn what you know about language learning on its head: Priming as a pre-lesson activity, deeper practice as a steady path to success and four core skills at the heart of the fluency model.

With this ebook purchase, you will receive The Vocab Cookbook in 3 ebook formats:

  • MOBI for your Kindle
  • EPUB for your Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader etc
  • PDF for a beautiful iPad or iPhone reading experience
This book is well-written and full of action-packed strategies that will help you reach your language learning goals. You’ll also be invited into the author’s amazing world of inspiration, achievement and strategic thinking when it comes to the Holy Grail of all language learning: fluency.
— Anthony Metivier, Memory Champion, Contributed a Guest Chapter to The Vocab Cookbook

Save Money with the Box Set

Exclusive to the Fluent website, The Vocab Cookbook  is now available as part of the Fluent Guides Box Set, a highly valuable collection of

  • Kerstin's debut guide Fluency Made Achievable as an ebook in three formats for your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad or any other reader
  • The Fluency Made Achievable Audiobook which offers more language learning in an hour than you have ever experienced.
  • The Vocab Cookbook, your comprehensive introduction to memorizing the vocabulary of any language, even if you are forgetful
  • A set of brain-friendly worksheets to help you take action on the most important plans and memorization techniques.

When you purchase the box set today, you will also get the popular Three Week Planner to download and start charting your progress straight away. As they say on TV: "It's a gift at this price!"

I’ve always struggled to learn different languages, despite trying for many years - taking classes, using tapes and CDs. Now, thanks to Kerstin, I finally have the method I’ve been looking for. Using the ideas about memorizing and revising she describes, I’ve been able to grow my vocabulary in Spanish from almost non-existent to over 200 words, in a very short time!
— Hazel H.