The All-in-One System For Meeting Your Goals in Language Learning

Language learning is amazing! It takes you beyond what you thought was possible. It grows your intellect, your confidence, and your whole world.

But learning a language on your own is not quick and easy. Whether you are already studying or just starting to dream of fluency in another language, you know it takes more than just a textbook.

  • Do you want to create a language learning routine that fits your life and guides you towards your vision of fluency?

  • Are you ready to take on the adventure of learning a language, but unsure how to take the next step?
  • Are you wondering how to become more organized, focused, and productive in your language learning?

Learning Languages Effectively Took Me a While

My name is Kerstin, and I have studied 8 languages so far. I speak several languages confidently, and love learning more.

I am never going to stop learning new languages, but it wasn’t always easy.

After I finished my degree in languages, my studies ground to a halt. I didn’t have motivation at first. When I decided to “pick up Russian”, I sat at home with a coursebook and a blank look on my face. 

At that point, I realized that independent language learning is different.

  • When I was juggling priorities in a busy life, I needed to learn how to to make time for a language.
  • When I was losing motivation and wondering why I started this whole project in the first place, I needed to access powerful focus.

Over the years I developed a winning system of goal setting, tracking and reviewing. It helped me learn and maintain 7 languages.

After learning and teaching languages for over 20 years, I have taken my experience and knowledge, combined it with the most influential research on motivation and language learning success.

I created the Language Habit Toolkit because I am deeply passionate about helping you add the gifts of language learning to your life, and I know that this is the easiest, most practical way to help you build an instant study routine.

Creating Your Language Habit

The biggest difference between people who speak 20 languages and those who failed to learn just the one is not in their intelligence, money, natural born talent. 

It is much simpler than that: Successful language learners don’t give up. 

They have developed the habit of learning a language. They set effective goals, create a routine for their studies, and confidently work towards their vision of fluency.

Imagine getting closer to fluency every single day, through easy-to-follow goal setting, a powerful tracking system, and regular reviews that help you understand how you learn best.

When I learn a language, there is always a moment when I feel frustrated because I wonder if what I’m doing is really paying off.

The Language Habit Toolkit helps me stay motivated by offering me a clear vision of my progress. Using it makes studying much more fun because I know what I’m doing is actually useful and don’t just study hoping it will be worth it eventually.
— Benjamin Houy,

It's for you if you are:

  • Ready to take daily steps towards speaking fluently in another language
  • Studying many different courses, and still not getting anywhere
  • Studying now and then, but not getting the results you want
The Language Habit Toolkit worksheets made my actions very visible in a concrete way. Using the Habit Tracker boxes may look simple, but it works very well. In the Study Planner, I rapidly became aware that I’ve been neglecting my speaking skill and became motivated to improve.
— Catrin, Language Teacher and Danish Learner

Your Language Coach In a Box

As you complete and review the worksheets included in the Language Habit Toolkit, you will naturally learn how to become a better language learner. Here's how:

  • You create your ideal language learning routine - the one that truly works. No more impossible schedules and unopened books. It’s just you and your favourite resources, getting lost in the marvels of words, language, and culture..

  • You choose to focus on to make progress towards fluency. You'll look forward to your next milestone on the language learning journey, and learn how to break it down into specific, actionable tasks.

  • You start to develop deep insights into your own study habits that are the key to finding more time for enjoyable language learning.

  • You look at your routine in a brand new way so you start seeing your language learning progress!

This is not a plan created for “people like you”. This is you learning to create your own plan and tracking your progress every single day.

I loved the Language Habit Toolkit. Thanks to the Vision Goals Worksheet, I now have a motivating image that I’m in Paris, showing my wife that I can speak fluent French. Unlike a calendar, I found that the Trackers in the Language Habit Toolkit allowed me to remember exactly what I studied.
— Mark, Dedicated French Learner, Pilot, Runner and Violinist

What exactly is inside The Language Habit Toolkit?

  • The Vision Goals Worksheet

Build a vision of yourself as somebody who has achieved your personal language learning goals. The notes you make on this worksheet will keep you going whenever you feel that motivation slipping.

  • The Language Goals Worksheet

This worksheet allows you to zoom in, review your current efforts and set specific, achievable goals for yourself. It can be reviewed and used again on a monthly basis.

  • The Weekly Planner

Ever felt like you want to clear the decks and focus on having a super-productive week? Then this Weekly Planner will get you started. Use it to focus on goals, rapidly track your progress, and stay positive every day.

  • The Resource Organiser

If you're trapped in a chaotic cycle of watching an episode here, writing into a notebook there, and reading a chapter somewhere completely different, the new Resource Organiser will show you exactly how to start getting the most out of your resources.

  • The Language Habit Tracker

Help yourself follow through with your new goals by rapidly recording your progress in the Language Habit Tracker. It’s more than just building a streak - this one is customized for you!

  • The Study Tracker

Quickly log the most important points about your study sessions to keep track and optimize your language learning routine.

  • The Monthly Review Worksheet

At the end of every language learning month, this worksheet will allow you to celebrate your achievements and fine-tune your language learning routine so you can become fluent quickly.

At first, I found it difficult to summarize my Study Sessions. But as I continued with this practice, I found it extremely helpful and encouraging to pinpoint what I had learnt.
— Tanja, Lifelong Language Learner
language habit handbook
  • The Phenomenal Language Habit Handbook

An invaluable instruction manual: 60+ pages full of tutorials, examples and extra motivation whenever you get stuck.

  • The Exclusive Video Guide To Goal Setting

It can be difficult to know which goals you should create, so I am going to be by your side to guide you with specific and actionable insights.

Each of the worksheets is delivered as a digital download, ready to print or edit on screen, in glorious full colour.

Ready to Start?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know this works?

This system is battle-tested on myself and an experienced bunch of language learners who gave me feedback as I was developing it. This system is the result of my many years of language study, my work as a language writer and educator, and insights from bright minds in the field such as Zóltan Dörnyei, Ema Ushioda, Gretchen Rubin, and more.

  • But I've already bought language courses! Is this a waste of time?

The Language Habit Toolkit is not a language course. It is a unique set of goal setting, tracking and review tools that you can use immediately. I describe it as "systems-agnostic", meaning that you will be able to use these tools no matter which language you are learning, no matter which technique you choose to follow.

In fact, if you track your activities through the Language Habit Toolkit, you will quickly enhance the courses you already have as you observe how you use them and which parts work best for you.

  • But I Haven't Got Time To Do More!

You know what? I totally get it. Setting your ambitious goals is scary. But I have seen language learners fail many times because they spent a lot of time "trying the next big thing" without noticing what worked for them.

The Language Habit Toolkit is about optimizing your routine. It will save you so much time once you stop doing what doesn't work for you.

In my experience, the goal setting component of the toolkit takes about 20 minutes once a month once you are all set up. The Habit Tracker worksheet is faster. It takes me less than 30 seconds on most days.

  • Do you Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

I stand by the Language Habit Toolkit as a winning system for any language learner who wants to take their routine further. If you find yourself hesitant to start or too busy to track for a few days, I would like you to keep going. Don't give up.

So on this product, you will enjoy my full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, but I discourage you from getting a refund within the first 14 days of buying.

You will have instant access to:

  • 5 full-colour printable Language Habit worksheets for goal setting, tracking, and optimizing your language study - that's the key to making things happen
  • The detailed Language Habit Handbook which focuses on your Language Habit Toolkit routine - think progress towards fluency every day, without having to learn a new system
  • The Video Guide to Goal Setting, teaching you everything I know about setting language goals that are truly achievable, realistic, specific...and motivating too!

The best thing that you will get from the Language Habit Toolkit is a clear way of seeing your language learning progress.

It’s a fact: When you have a clear overview of the work you do every day, you will become more effective and motivated to keep going.

What You Need To Be Successful With The Language Habit Toolkit

You don't need immersion, or online courses, or fluency apps. But you need optimisim, commitment, and a desire to work on that vision of your future language success. To make the most out of your beautiful tracking worksheets, a printer would be great, too.

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See you on the inside,