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What people are saying about Fluent Language:

I’m keen to start learning Spanish with my daughter and approached Kerstin about this topic.

We worked on a creative strategies for “event-based” learning - fun ways to add Spanish vocabulary to activities the family is already enjoying. Examples: Dia de los Muertes, World Cup Soccer, reading picture books, naming the foods we are eating.

Now we’re ready to start learning as a whole family.
— Joshua Cohen, Portland, USA
Kerstin helped me with lots of very effective tips on how to listen to more spoken Italian and read articles etc to hear and see the language in context.

She also was knowledgeable about how to remember difficult words by sticking labels up around the house, or using flash cards. I feel that now I know how to set realistic goals in focusing on specific areas eg verbs, vocab, grammar on different days, but also spending some time focusing on piecing it all together.
— Adam Ventress
I discovered that I was actually better than I thought I was, and loved doing the 1-to-1 sessions with Kerstin because it was nowhere near as stressful as learning at school. The beauty of such sessions is that you get more focused attention and the sessions are based on your own language ability, which helped me because there is less pressure when working at your own pace. I think Kerstin has the patience of a saint compared to my past teachers! She has really helped to improve my confidence in my German skills!
— Emma, Cumbria, UK
I really enjoyed learning with Kerstin. Over the course of my lessons I became much more confident speaking the language. As Kerstin is so friendly, and creates such a relaxed environment, it often felt like we were just having a chat. At the same time, any grammatical points I was particularly struggling with were very clearly explained.
— Dom, Lancaster (now Vienna)
Kerstin has revived my interest in the German language. By using a personal one on one approach, I found myself learning more not only about the German language, but the English language too! This is born from her clear and impressive knowledge on the structure of language as a whole. She adopts a very flexible and friendly approach to teaching and is more effective than learning a language in a classroom environment
— Rob, Heysham, UK
This is just what I’ve been looking for. With Kerstin’s assistance, I am finally starting to speak German! I am extremely pleased with Kerstin as a language tutor. She is providing me one on one language lessons - including the chance to practice my speaking and writing - online, on a weekly basis. We use FaceTime and Google Docs (and occasionally Skype when FaceTime is uncooperative) to communicate between Lancaster, England, and Houston, Texas. She comes up with creative ways for me to learn, and pushes me when I need pushing. I am learning and making progress and I am excited about it! I would highly recommend Kerstin and Fluent Language Tuition to anyone who is serious about language learning
— Randy, Houston, Texas, USA
I really enjoy reading Kerstin’s blog. She has so much enthusiasm
and passion for her work which is truly inspiring
— Dorothea Williamson, German Tutor with 40 years of experience
I began learning German as I really love visiting the country and wanted to be able to speak the language a little whilst over there. I really enjoy my one-to-one lessons with Kerstin, as no two are ever the same. A wide range of activities are prepared including listening exercises, games, online shopping on German websites and real-life conversation scenarios. Having a one-to-one session is really helpful I find, as it allows you to work at your own pace and I think I’ve progressed quicker than I perhaps would have done in a group of learners. I’ve found learning a language really rewarding and can’t wait to practice my skills on my next trip away. I would highly recommend Fluent Language Tuition to everyone!
— Annabel, Lancaster, UK
I have tried several types of language lessons since we came to Lancaster and [..] you are one of the best teachers I met by far. I like the way how you make your students stay in touch with the language during the week, the style of homework we get from you and I very appreciate that you have a clear structure for the course in advance
— Martin, Lancaster, UK (orginally from the Czech Republic)