Understand Spoken German and Reply With a Natural Accent, Even When They Talk Fast

You want to learn the German language. You’ve worn through stacks of flashcards, and you’ve studied your fair share of grammar books.

But you feel stuck when it comes time to put your studies into practice.

  • You get frustrated trying to understand what native speakers are saying

  • You feel awkward and embarrassed when you try to speak

  • You don’t know if you’re saying words correctly

Sometimes you wonder if all the hard work you’ve put into studying German will pay off.

What if I told you that you could learn to pronounce German words correctly in just a few hours?

As an experienced German tutor, I know how you feel. I've observed this worry in my own students many times, and have created this course to help you feel fantastic speaking German.


The only regret that I have about this course is that it was not available when I first started learning German 5 years ago. I learned a lot just by listening to hours of spoken German and by practicing with Rosetta Stone, but I could have learned ever so much faster if I had had this course at the beginning. Even now it has helped me fill gaps in my knowledge and improved my pronunciation. This course is well worth the price and the time you will spend on it. Highly recommended!!

Randy Glover, who started learning German aged 57! (meet him in my podcast)


This course will teach you:

  1. How to know instantly what German words should sound like

  2. Exactly how to pronounce every word without a foreign accent

  3. How to understand native speakers easily

No matter if you are a brand new German learner or already tackling words like Hochhausbaugesellschaftsweihnachtsfeier, this course will help you master every sound in the German alphabet and polish your spoken language so that you can converse with confidence.

This isn’t just another textbook. The full multi-media package includes:

  • over 20 close-up photos and videos of every letter and sound in the German language to help you practice saying them at home

  • easy explanations that don't confuse you with a lot of phonetic words or complex diagrams

  • interesting examples and a special lecture on dialects to help you understand German speakers from anywhere

  • an invitation to the course-specific Soundcloud group where you can submit your own recordings and get accent coaching.

In just a few hours, you will notice significant improvements in your spoken German.  

Not only that, but improving your pronunciation will allow you to apply all the grammar rules and vocabulary you study for hours. You'll automatically absorb the nuances when you practice speaking with native speakers.

I used to fear speaking German to people, sometimes purposely speaking with a bad accent so that they would recognise me as English and speak English to me instead.

Speak German like a Native answered some of the questions I’d previously thought it would be too silly to ask. And the answers were so relaxed and inviting that I didn’t feel embarrassed to start talking.

Highly Recommended!
— Helen Wright
helen wright
As a native Spanish speaker, I started learning German over 10 years ago. I think it sounds cool!

With this course, I wanted to improve my pronunciation and learn something to facilitate my studies. It focuses on how to make the right sounds and how to recognise them when you hear them. Now I’m doing well on the specific points I was struggling with such as long and short vowels, and I feel excited about German again.
— Rafael Rodriguez

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The Key To Learning German Is To Speak It

People love people who are learning their language.

Imagine having the confidence to have a conversation with a native German speaker, practicing your language skills and experiencing German language and culture like you’ve always dreamed of.

With Speak German Like A Native, you can.

This course is suitable for any German learner -no previous knowledge required. It's helpful to know English, but not compulsory.

The cost of this course is less than you pay for two German lessons and includes so much value!

Latest Testimonials from Successful Students

“Speak German like a Native” teaches you German pronunciation in detail through a series of enjoyable and easily digestible videos. I recommend it to anyone who is unsure about pronouncing German.
— Peter Oversberg, C1 Level German learner