Start your Dream Business in Online Teaching

Do you ever wonder how you could fit in all your travel dreams with a 9-5 office job?

Maybe you are a teacher who is fed up with boring language schools, or you're dreaming of helping others achieve the goals they dream of?

If any of this sounds just like you, then online teaching might be the job you need to learn about!

As a language lover, you will have noticed one thing about online education: The industry is amazing! This is one of the fastest growing and most fascinating times for you to take advantage of online teaching. I have been doing this job for years and love the independence and variety it gives me.

But when you are new to working online, it's confusing to know where to start. There are so many agencies, schools and scams out there that will take and keep over 50% of your earnings.

There are all these stumbling blocks:

  • Qualifications that no one needs
  • Confusing payment systems
  • Lesson plans that make you fall asleep

What you really want to know is how to move past all the hard work and start teaching your favourite topics right away.

Allow me to show you all the tried-and-tested processes that helped me build Fluent Language Tuition.

For you, I have created the online course Live Lesson Strategies for Online Tutors & Teachers will help you set up a business that helps you earn money from anywhere.

You'll learn how to:

  • Use free and reliable online services to set up a teaching system that wows your students without having to invest a penny
  • Set the right prices and promote yourself so that you attract and keep perfect students.
  • Stand out as a true professional with easy guides to getting booked, paid and respected right from the start.

Find out why experienced teachers are excited about this course!

This course is great, it answered lots of questions and helped me discover an easier way to take payments.
— Sabine,

Most teachers are excited about grabbing online independence with both hands. Live Lesson Strategies will help you with the switch from teaching offline to teaching online.

You will save time, earn more money and feel more professional than ever.

See how it boosted Chris Holsmann’s confidence with going online:

You get the support of a Leading Teaching System

This course is delivered on the popular teaching platform Udemy, meaning you benefit from their awesome support, apps and teaching resources. Over 1000 teachers have joined the course and discovered new tricks and strategies so far. It’s working so well for everyone because this course is based on real Q&As - when there is a new question, a new lecture will be added to help you stay up to date and get the best of the community’s wisdom.

Udemy also allows me to offer incredible value for money for you by making it possible for me to reach more people than ever. The course cost is not $600, it's not even $200. Right here, you will get all this for just £20/$35.

Ready to start?

Then click on the big button and get your online teaching career started today. You'll be claiming an exclusive £10 voucher for readers of the Fluent website.