Experience Fluency on an Unforgettable Vacation

For many years, I taught and learnt languages and saw learners experiencing those amazing "I'm fluent!! I'm speaking!" moments..but I wasn't entirely sure how that had happened.

Learners would write to me and ask how exactly they can get there, and I'd assure them that a bit of hard work and optimism will always pay off.

But to engineer those fluency moments? How does that work?

I had heard many theories about how we can get there as learners, but nothing had worked in practice.

This ALL changed in 2018, when I added the magic ingredient. It looked like this:


I jumped in and led the first Fluent German Retreat. I saw how I was able to support those flow moments for other people too. I started to understand the key ingredients of what makes a Retreat experience so unique.

After many years of teaching languages, learning languages, researching and developing my skills, I believe that I've found a way to create a feeling of fluency on language retreats.

And of course, I'm so excited to create these experiences for you and invite you to come along and relax in another country as you enjoy custom language lessons, immersive conversations, delicious food, and a week you'll never forget (not even the vocab!).

6 Reasons Why A Language Retreat Will Change Your Language Life

  • Travel will take you out of your everyday routine, free your mind, and help you drop those inhibitions that keep your mind stuck looking for the right words and grammar structures.

  • The excitement of a field trip and the absolute joy of connecting boost memory so you can remember vocab for years to come

  • All the good parts of immersion apply at a retreat: You hear and see your target language everywhere but it's better because we make sure there’s no switching to English.

  • You're not alone! You’ll have fun, laughter, and high fives with your fellow learners that you won’t even realise how much you’re learning every minute of every day.

  • You will be 100% focused on learning, with no interruptions, no waiting 4 days for the next lesson, no “what do I cook for dinner?”, with a tutor right there, and in a very small group. In other words, this is one of the most cost effective ways of learning a language.

  • The cultural immersion is extremely valuable, and you’ll finally learn everyday expressions and shortcuts that native speakers only use in their natural speaking environment.

The Fluent Retreat is right for you if…

  • You love to travel and explore, and you are the kind of person who wants to experience more than just surface-level tourism

  • You have been learning a language for a while and you can hold a short conversation, and now you are feeling ready for your next big challenge

  • You were fluent a few years ago and you may have even spent a few years in the country, but since then you have lost your skill in the language

  • You want to learn with the companionship of a group class, but you also value the individual support of having a private tutor

  • You love the sights of a historic European city or a hidden beauty spot, the scent of Christmas markets and beer gardens in the summer, and the sounds of another language spoken everywhere around you!

The Fluent Retreat is NOT right for you if...

  • You want to sit in a large classroom and chew through standard test preparations and grammar drills all day long

  • You want to find yourself in a safe tourist bubble and see countries through a window without meeting any locals

  • You believe that the locals will all switch to English as soon as you turn up, so there’s no point in trying

You Next Language Retreat

FGR slide.png

I used to think that our results would be handed to us on a divine, unknowable schedule that we can unlock through years of hard work. But with the results only a language retreat can create for learners just like you..

I now know I can help you discover a faster way to get there…and we’ll have a LOT of fun on the way!

See you on the road,


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