Are You Ready For A German Breakthrough?

Celebrate History and Tradition - auf Deutsch!

Welcome to the Fluent German Retreat, to take place in Germany's Northern beauty, Hamburg, this June!

This is our Urban Culture Retreat, a special getaway where you can boost your German skills.

Our German retreats offer live German learning, immersion, outings, coaching, a luxurious home base, and a week to completely focus on your progress.


Relax and Immerse

You'll spend every day with your language coach and reap the benefits of language immersion. It's a small and private group, so that we can adjust teaching to your level.

Your brain might be humming with so much input in German, but we'll make sure your body and mind are cared for during the retreat.

We have got some beautiful outings planned for you, so you'll discover the amazing culture and long history of Hamburg for yourself.

Since the retreat, I’ve started using my German so much more. I took part in a Polterabend party in a small village speaking 90% German. I started having meetings at work in the German language. Now I feel fluent, and if I get stuck I can always find the words to express myself.

For people who live a busy life, a retreat is a great alternative to normal language lessons. For me it was a relaxing vacation and a useful and active way to spend a week.
— Renato, Mannheim, Germany

Your Retreat Leader

Hi, my name is Kerstin and I am your leader for the Fluent German Retreat in June 2019. I'm a native German speaker with added English, French, Spanish, Welsh, and few more. I am passionate about effective language learning, and work on helping language learners excel.

I have been teaching the German language for 6 years, from relaxed 1-to-1 sessions in coffee shops to university lectures in world-class institutions.

In the Fluent German Retreat, I have found the perfect way to apply my teaching experience and help you learn in an ideal environment: a small group, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, fun outings, and creative language classes.

I really enjoyed learning with Kerstin. Over the course of my lessons I became much more confident speaking the language. As Kerstin is so friendly, and creates such a relaxed environment, it often felt like we were just having a chat. At the same time, any grammatical points I was particularly struggling with were very clearly explained.
— Dom, Lancaster, UK

Your Home For The Week

(description forthcoming)

these images are representative of previous accommodation arrangements - we’ll upload the Hamburg images soon

The Most Important Questions And Answers

When Is It?

The dates for our German Retreat are planned to be 16 to 21 June 2018. You can arrive anytime late morning/early afternoon of the 16th and then leave the morning of the 21st.

german retreat feedback

What Is Included In The Retreat?

  • 5 nights' accommodation in a private room in our retreat apartment with exclusive use for the week

  • Immersive, custom 6-day German course and coaching sessions from native German speaker and experienced tutor Kerstin (that's me!) in our small group of enthusiastic students in a relaxed immersion environment

  • 4 immersion outings experiencing the amazing city of Hamburg

  • Breakfast and lunches during the days

  • Dinners at a range of great restaurants in Hamburg

  • Both structured and spontaneous conversation practice

If you have dietary restrictions, that's not a problem. Let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How Big Is The Group?

Our group will include you and 5 to 7 other German learners and your retreat leaders Thérèse and Kerstin. It is a small and exclusive retreat group, ensuring that you will be able to get individual attention and support when you need it.

Could I Bring My Partner With Me?

We have space for you and your partner, and in fact there is an attractive rate we can offer to a couple. We'd love to get to know both of you, so don't hesitate to send an email to and let us book a short call so we can learn about your language goals.  

What's The Required German Language Level?

In this deliberately small group, we can adjust teaching to your level. The group is hand-selected to ensure that each participant will be able to achieve their language goals. 

As a guideline, you should be able to conduct and follow a conversation beyond the absolute basics - but we’ve had learners at all kinds of levels in the past and everyone benefited. In formal terms, we're looking for participants between A2 and B2. If you a little nervous about whether your level is right for this retreat, don't hesitate to email me and I will be able to guide you personally.

What Will I Need To Do?

At our German retreat, you'll be able to enjoy the German immersion experience that we have prepared for you. You will need to arrange your own travel to Hamburg (see below for detailed instructions). You should also ensure that you have valid travel insurance and documents for your trip to Germany.

How Do I Get To Trier?

Trier is Germany's oldest city, but it offers convenient modern travel options.

Fly to Hamburg airport for a quick connection into the city by car or bus.

The train station Hamburg HBF is served by Deutsche Bahn whose website and planner will show you national and international connections. Trains by Deutsche Bahn are fast, affordable, and convenient. If you want to spend more time in Europe after the retreat, Trier will be a perfect starting point for trips to Denmark, the Netherlands, and the Northern part of Germany.

If you'd like expert assistance with your travel arrangements, let us know as we've got a professional travel agent on call for you.

How Do I Register?

Send an email to, including a bit of background about how long you've been learning German, how you've studied, and a description of what level you're at. You will receive an email from me with your decision and a payment link to confirm your booking within 24-48 hours.

I Have More Questions! What Should I do?

No problem! Email me at I'll be excited to hear from you!

Can't make these dates? Register here for news about future immersion retreats.