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Are you a creative person with a business you want to tell the world about?

Do you feel like you've got something to say and you want to be you, not an anonymous big company drone?

Experts say that your website and blog should be the hub of all your online activities. 

* So what should you write?
* How should you talk to people?
* How can you get as many people as possible to read your messages?

Why Your Blog Needs Support

Blogging is an art form that is open to anyone - it is creating your own corner of the internet and sharing it with customers, friends and fans. A lot of creative people and small businesses hesitate before putting their message out there. But you're different. You can do this - it's possible to build a whole community of friends that want to buy from you.

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I can’t say enough good things about Kerstin’s dedication to delivering value in her course, as well as her vast expertise. I have so many new thoughts & clarity around my blog plans!

I have learned so much about how to deliver my message and shape what I say from Kerstin. If you have a blog and have questions about what to say, how to say it, or who you should really be speaking to, I highly recommend you enroll for her next course offering.
— Kathy Pine, Web Designer and Author at
kathy is great

The Curriculum

Online Seminar

Learn why people blog, how you can make it your personal brand and how to get organised and do it. Now. Without excuses.

Essential Worksheets

These guide you through templates and editorial calendars that save you time and hassle.

Follow-up Support

You become part of our community, get guest posting opportunities and support. You've got this.

*extended package available with a full programme of monthly 1-to-1 calls