The following is a full review of my Course Easy French Grammar for Beginners. Honestly, this review is extremely nice and I did not tell him what to say.

Who's Anthony Metivier?

Anthony is a Canadian memory champion who's lived in Germany and Israel, and he's the guy behind the Magnetic Memory Method, an in-depth advanced memorization programme that you can use to learn languages, facts, recipes, people's names, dates and lots more.

How to Double, Triple (Or Even Quadruple) Your Understanding of French Grammar In Just A Few Short Hours With The Best French Grammar Teacher On Udemy (And In The World)

As you know, I'm a vocabulary guy. I teach you how to memorize vocabulary and how to think about the memorization process correctly so that you can recall that vocabulary with ease. I'm working on teaching you to memorize grammar, but I'm actually thinking about asking a particular person to collaborate on it.

Her name is Kerstin and let me tell you, she is funny, personable, deeply knowledgeable and really gives you the feeling you can succeed.

How do I know?

Because I recently finished her course. It's called "Easy French Grammar for Beginners"

In a word, it's amazing!

The videos are short, which means they're easy to watch and easy to return to.

Plus, you don't have to watch them in order. You can just zoom to the ones you need and immediately learn from this grammar master.

However, the course is definitely NOT for everyone.

First off, it's about French grammar. I'm going to explain to you later why this course will help you learn the grammar of any language, but let's be blunt. If you're the kind of person who invests time and energy into video courses but doesn't implement the knowledge you've received, this amazing resource is going to collect digital dust in your account and won't help you a shred.

However, if you're ready to implement easy-to-understand knowledge, then Kerstin's course is packed with French grammar training that you can easily put to use today. The course is literally designed to ...

Put French Grammar Into Your Head So That You Can Use It Immediately.

That's Kerstin's goal for you. She's designed this course so that you can literally rip into each and every video and USE the information immediately by completing a few simple exercises and getting out into the real world and talking to people.

There's no doubt about it.

If you get this French grammar stuff right and have enough vocabulary in your head (which as a student in my course you most certainly do), then you will be unable to help improving your French fluency as if an avalanche of in-depth knowledge had suddenly tumbled into your head.

And this is easily possible with this course.

Some of the things you'll learn in this course include:

  • The easiest way to find out the gender of a word in French. (You probably have this little-used resource already in your home or on your computer but haven't got a clue how to use it.)

  • How to understand the difference between the plural and singular in contracted articles. Even before you learn a single word!

  • An exact understanding of what pronouns are and how to use them. (And how to use this secret no matter who you are or where you live.)

  • The clearest understanding of auxiliary verbs you'll ever encounter. (This is what allows people who are brand new to French ascend to the next level of fluency with incredible speed.)

  • The simplest understanding of adjectives and adjective agreements because you'll suddenly realize exactly what they make reference to and exactly why so that you can finally start speaking them the right way. (I can't believe that no one else who teaches French grammar hasn't been able to make it this simple. Kerstin! You are the Goddess of Grammar!)

  • Exactly how to understand four different verb types and exactly what "conjugation" means. (And also … a great sequence of videos that takes you through all the verb-types in detail so that no stone is left unturned and you understand all there is to know about what they are and how to use them.)

  • The solution to understanding the mysterious properties of infinitive and participle verbs. (In fact, if you do this the way Kerstin teaches, native French speakers will practically look forward to speaking to you even before you've become fully fluent).

  • The most "romantic" way to use comparatives and superlatives to win yourself the hearts and minds of the people with whom you converse. (Believe it or not, your own heart wants you to speak this way to other people, and it's exactly what will endear you to everyone you meet.)

  • How to easily figure out the "stem" and "endings" of verbs and an amazing resource that gives you a massive collection of conjugated verbs so that you can learn exactly how verbs need to be used. (This is especially helpful when you're surrounded by all kinds of crazy words that are tough to learn and remember).

  • How to master the derived adverbs and the "smallest words" in French. (True, this secret is a little bit strange, but the way Kerstin teaches it makes it easy and fun to use.)

  • The parts of a phrase that real French speakers get rid of when using negations in speech so you can fit in like a native. (And when not to "zap" these parts of negation phrases so that you always look like a French pro - which you will be once you've studied with Kerstin.)

  • Modal verb mastery that will allow you to express your attitude in many unique ways. (Do this right and you will always be understood by everyone you meet based on your personality and opinions, which is one of the huge barriers of expression that many language learners face. Not you. Not anymore.)

  • The key exception you need to understand when using possessive pronuns and determiners. (The late, great French philosopher Michel Foucault was one of the most persuasive writers and speakers of all time and knew how to deliver possessives with a winning smile. Kerstin's smile is pretty infectious too.)

  • Exactly where to place the modal verb and example sentences that will help you learn the major ones you'll need to rocket into French fluency. (Many people get a bit "sleepy" on this point, but Kerstin makes it easy, exciting and gives elegant examples that take zero effort to learn, though we cannot promise that a little effort won't go along way once you start using this knowledge.)

  • How to tell people exactly how wealthy you are (so you can brag if you're rich and beg if you're poor).

  • The most direct and uncomplicated access point into the normally obscure realm of the Partitif so that you can understand how to talk about quantities like kilos, litres, cups and combinations. Tricky business made super-simple. (This simple grammar rule is perfect for when you're shopping and want to make sure you always get the right amount of the things you are buying.)

  • How to use the image of your own house to learn the words that indicate how the body moves. (This technique weaves beautifully with the Magnetic Memory Method, so on that basis, you're already good to go.)

  • How to correctly "build" sentences using the Passé Composé and examples that focus on different verbs and their forms as they change depending on the main actor of the sentence. You'll learn how to use it well, because as Kerstin says, "it's the most popular form of past tense in French that there is" (it could be that she's saying that tongue-in-cheek, but you'll just have to see the lesson for yourself to decide).

  • How reflexive verbs and pronouns work and how to uncap their power. (They're not very common in English, but the French use them like crazy and so will you once you've taken this lesson.)

  • How to ask questions in the most effective manner. (So that people know you're actually looking for your car and not the Queen … you may never have lost your queen before, but everyone has had the experience of misplacing everything from their keys to their car and it is very helpful to be able to ask questions in the right way so you can get on with your day without the headache of inept grammar holding you back.)

  • … and much, much more.

The best part about taking this course is that, even if you're not studying French, you can benefit from how Kerstin teaches grammar and apply a lot of the knowledge of grammar in and of itself to any language you might be learning!

And besides, if you're not already learning French … why the heck not? Some of the world's most beautiful literature, music and film were created in French and chatting with the people who speak it is quite thrilling too.

Look, none of this French grammar stuff is rocket science and none of it requires brain surgery. A good teacher is all you need. You'll never find anyone better than Kerstin.

So now the time has come to make your decision. Every day that you're not supplementing your French language studies without Kerstin's training, you're literally leaving mounds of joy behind. There is nothing like being able to express yourself in French and the simple skills you'll need to experience improvement in leaps and pounds have been packaged together for the first time by a master teacher who comes to you with the Magnetic Memory Method seal of approval.

Get Kerstin's The Complete & Easy French Grammar for Beginners today.