You Need These 4 Skills On Your Way to Fluency

If you have been dreaming of fluency and wondering how to get there, then Fluency Made Achievable is the perfect book for you. 

In Fluency Made Achievable, you will discover a powerful and simple framework for language learners who want to take action instead of being told what to do. The book is based on linguistic research and a language acquisition framework built on the four core skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Understanding the importance of these skills is the start of happy language learning.

I have read quite a few language learning books in the past year and cannot praise this book highly enough. Easily the best value investment so far in my quest to become fluent in a second language.
— Wayne, French Student

You don't have to repeat the same old techniques and excuses over and over again. Instead, Fluency Made Achievable will help you focus on  training the right skills!


Discover an Honest, Encouraging and Straightforward Guide to Language Learning

Fluency Made Achievable will show you

  • Why core language skills are so important for your success

  • How to create your own core language skills profile

  • How to make real progress in just three weeks

  • How to train the right core language skill at the right time

This book is a powerhouse of great information for people learning a language for the first time or experienced learners who want to pick up some new ideas as well as refine their current study methods.

5 Stars.
— Parrot Time Magazine

Here are 3 Top Reasons Why You Need This Book in Your Collection:

1. Clarity: You will know where you stand and how good your language skills really are.

2. Confidence: No matter where you find a little weakness, Fluency Made Achievable has suggestions for you to improve.

3. Community: In my interviews with successful polyglots and language learners, you'll discover more stories and experiences than you can shake a stick at.

With this ebook purchase, you will receive Fluency Made Achievable in 3 ebook formats:

Learn More in 21 days

Fluency Made Achievable features a 3-week planner for improving your core language skill training, PLUS interviews with successful language learners and teachers.

“I like the way readers can assess their current level on the four language skills and then adapt the proposed plan to their level.”

— Sofi on Amazon

  • MOBI for your Kindle
  • EPUB for your Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader etc
  • PDF for a beautiful iPad or iPhone reading experience

If you're not sure, go ahead and try a sample right here.

I was feeling in a bit of a rut and a little bored with my Italian studies but this really helped me move on to improve my vocab in some fun and effective ways that I will be using for the long term.
— Eleni, Italian Student

Save Money with the Box Set

Exclusive to the Fluent website, Fluency Made Achievable is now available as part of the Fluent Guides Box Set, a highly valuable collection of

  • Fluency Made Achievable as an ebook in three formats for your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad or any other reader
  • The Fluency Made Achievable Audiobook which offers more language learning in an hour than you have ever experienced.
  • The highly acclaimed follow-up The Vocab Cookbook
  • A set of brain-friendly worksheets to help you take action on the most important plans and memorization techniques.

When you purchase the box set today, you will also get the popular Three Week Planner to download and start charting your progress straight away. As they say on TV: "It's a gift at this price!"

Reviews & Opinions

robert comment
Being able to assess one’s weaknesses and knowing what to do to bring them up to par with one’s other abilities is never an easy task, but this guide simplifies the process to help you pinpoint the areas that need the most work.
— Shannon Kennedy,
I’ve already downloaded, printed, and wrote out my objectives for the remainder of this month, so almost immediately, I’ve gained something from this book. I’m glad I bought this. I only wish it had been out years ago, but better late than never.
— Mr B, Amazon Reviewer
There are too many books about language learning which are based on lazy shortcuts and empty promises. This book, however, is very different! Author and teacher Kerstin Hammes walks readers through the four language core skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. Instead of favoring speaking over reading or writing over listening, Kerstin advocates a holistic approach in which all four skills are working concertedly.
— André Klein,
Kerstin Hammes doesn’t simply advocate an approach in which you improve the four core language skills, she shows you how to do it. Fluency Made Achievable is a great book for the language learner looking for ways to improve the four core language skills. This is a short read full of practical exercises and useful strategies.
— Benjamin Huoy,