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The Fluent Guides Box Set is a Helpful Bundle Containing 2 Popular Language Guides, an Audiobook, and Instant-Action Worksheets

*Here at Fluent, faster means more effective, not more exhausting.

You've started learning another language full of enthusiasm and motivation. Every day, you make sure you spend a little time with the new language using a bunch of different methods like flashcards, courses, radio, podcasts, notebooks, television.

But after weeks of diligent study, you may be finding yourself a little confused.

Why is there no progress yet? How come you keep going over the same topics again and again?

I never started before I was 10 years old, but today I am fluent in three languages and keep studying more. I go at my own pace and set sensible goals. As a tutor, I spend time watching and listening to what people say about their problems in language learning. And here is the simple truth:

Learning a foreign language is not as easy as it may have seemed.

Packed with practical tips, exercise suggestions, advice on how to create a learning schedule, and a series of interviews with language experts and polyglots. Highly recommended!
— André Klein, author at learnoutlive.com

This point is where many people give up. But you aren’t ready to do that yet. You want to get better, more productive and really dig in to get to that your goals.

What If You Could Become an Effective Learner Without Having to Do More Work?

Language learners have individual styles of processing information. The Fluent Guides Box Set will help you discover yours. Youll start to understand where your hidden weak spots lie and how to find exercises that are in line with your personal needs.

This is about YOU as a learner, not about fitting into someone elses box.

This box set will give you confidence, improve your study techniques and help you become a successful language learner.

What’s in the Box Set?

1) You Will Get my Popular Books Fluency Made Achievable and The Vocab Cookbook

  • Start by reading Fluency Made Achievable - The Fluent Guide to Core Language Skills
  • The Vocab Cookbook - The Fluent Guide to Vocabulary Learning
  • PLUS exclusive Action Sheets to improve Your techniques instantly

Each book comes in a variety of formats for your Kindle, iPad and Computer.

2) Plus the Fluency Made Achievable Audiobook

Boost your language learning skills on the go with this professional audiobook. Professionally narrated and 

3) The Action Worksheets

Additional brain-friendly worksheets to help you take action on the most important plans and memorization techniques.

PLUS: Online Bonuses

You'll get full access to an exclusive Online Resource section featuring

  • A Bonus Chapter that will help you understand how you learn best
  • The Fluency Made Achievable Three Week Plan, so you will beat every excuse for starting for your Learning Programme

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This right here is the best deal you'll find and is designed to save you hours of language coaching.

Simply click on the button above to buy the full Fluent Guides box set straight away. You can pay by card or by PayPal and there is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee for you. I am always just an email away if any part of your box set doesn't work.