5 Effective Marketing Ideas That Are So Hot Right Now

Most people I know are incredibly good at their job and wish they could do the fun parts of it all day long. The unloved admin parts are a necessary evil: bookkeeping for example, or scheduling, or the dreaded marketing.

effective marketing ideas

Once a week, you free up an hour and say "right, time to tackle the marketing thing". And when you get there, does this work feel like a chore? Does your marketing plan feel like it's long out of fashion?

Online marketing trends come and go quickly, and with the these 5 marketing ideas you'll be on track.

Tell your Story in a Tweetstorm

Twitter is a great social network for being seen and forging all sorts of cool relationships. Beyond saying hello and retweeting others, you should also get your own voice heard by sharing your own content.

A Tweetstorm is a series of connected tweets that are posted in quick succession, telling a story that goes beyond the Twitter character limit.

It helps if you number your tweets from the start, telling followers where in the sequence each tweet belongs. This way, they can tell what's going on even when they see tweet 4 out of 8.


Incorporate Live Video

If Instagram was last year's marketing revelation for online teachers, bloggers, and coaches, this year is going to be all about live videos. What started with Periscope has grown into a much bigger movement.

Live video is easy to provide and set up these days, and it allows you to start direct dialogue with your audience. It gives your followers a chance to get to know you and ask questions that you can answer immediately.

You can prepare your live broadcasts webinar-style and even sell tickets (see below), or simply hop onto the now and then using YouTube Live, Instagram or Facebook Live.

Help out with a Facebook group

Facebook pages are still an important asset in your online marketing. But if you want to truly reach and assist your followers in 2017, it's time to have a two-way dialogue. Why not start a Facebook group for your followers and encourage them to share their own story?

Example: The Savvy Online Teacher Marketing Group, where online teachers can get together and get advice from colleagues in a dedicated forum. (Please join, and make sure you complete the application form to be accepted!)

Be a Good Guest on Podcasts and Blogs

Guest posting is the oldest trick in the book...and it still works! These days, influencers who have a launch to talk about don't always contribute written materials to others' blogs, but they go on a video or a podcast tour. I love that this takes the age-old tour concept and brings it online.

To be a good guest on podcasts, make sure you follow the show, know what it's like, and that you're a good interviewee. Always have photos and profiles of yourself available, and consider building a landing page for the show's listeners.

For example, when I wrote to Leslie from Becoming a Blogger, the first intent was to compliment him on doing a great show. I mentioned that I'm available should he want a fun guest who knows how to teach..and soon after we got together on his show.

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Run an Event

Ready for something that will get you seen, heard and noticed BIG time? Then run an online event! These virtual conferences give you a chance to stand out by connecting people to what they love, giving lots of value, and also showing off your skills to the right audience.

Examples: The How to Reach More Students conference in 2016 pulled together 10,000 online teachers who followed expert talks about everything from marketing to mindset.

More recently, Paulino Brener shows us how it's done. His Online Teacher Summit pulls together over 25 online teaching experts who are going to speak live about so many topics. It's a free event (incredible), covering everything you'd expect in a step-by-step course for teachers who want to reach the next level.

The Online Teacher Summit goes live on April 2, 2017, and runs for a full week. VIP ticket holders can save all of the presentations and learn from them any time.

Evergreens Stay Green

There are some evergreens that always work. The email newsletter has been a marketing favourite with most businesses for years, and is an easy and lucrative way of staying in touch. And contrary to what you might think, blogging isn't dead: it's effective, but no longer the single one thing to do. The important thing is to keep your own platform strong and own where you want to speak to your audience.

The activities above add a new dimension though, and help you shake up your plan. They can easily be added to your marketing essentials.

Have You Tried These Ideas?

If you're already posting live or tweeting a storm, leave me a comment and share your own experiences. I'd love to hear what's working for you!