12 Convincing Reasons to Join Savvy Brand Academy 2016

Hi everyone, it's that time of year again - Savvy Brand Academy is now open for enrollments for the next 2 weeks!

What's Savvy Brand Academy?

The academy is an intensive coaching programme and mastermind designed for online teachers who want to find their best path to the market. It's for people just like you and helps you build a step-by-step brand that takes away self-doubt and questions like "who is going to pay for my lessons?"

The curriculum of this course is thorough and challenging, asking you to build up your brand identity from a clean slate. It will not only help you "find a niche" or "set a price", but go deeper than that.

  • Every week, you will receive in-depth handbooks, videos and exercises that introduce the steps to making your ideal brand a reality.
  • You'll be joining live video calls with your Academy peers to discuss what you are learning and go deeper into the heart of what's stopping you from succeeding.
  • You'll also receive readymade templates and a full website building tutorial that is guaranteed to make your marketing materials convert better than ever.

Savvy Brand Academy is about choosing your clients instead of asking them to choose you.

To explain more about the journey you'll go through in Savvy Brand Academy, I decided to give a voice to our amazing Academy alumni. Here are some top secret, authentic survey responses showing you how they got on.

First Question: Why did you join Savvy Brand Academy?

I've previously taught and was out of the business for a while. I wanted to use the course to take time to think how I could possibly teach languages again in the future, possibly as part of a portfolio of income streams. My questions were what did I have to offer, how should I offer it, to whom.

I didn't know how to get myself into a position where I could charge more for my teaching services.

I felt I was lacking some knowledge of marketing and business potential. I just threw myself into my business, and felt there were definitely some things I was missing due to not knowing they existed (brand building, marketing, resources, etc.) I needed a push into the right direction.

Second Question: Which Stage Was Your Favourite, and Why?

I loved Stage 2. As a beginner, I had no confidence that I can really teach someone something. I believed in myself but I needed to have something legitimate to show my clients. So I was desperate and willing to take any client. The result of ending with the wrong client is mis-communication and lack of progress. So this section really helped me achieve great progress with my clients and talk to the right kind for me.

This is a tough question because it's really hard to just say ONE favorite. I chose this one though because it was the one that really pushed me to think differently, challenge myself, and think about my brand. I do want to note that Stage 5 was a close 2nd because I loved the actions to get involved and reach out, and it was a great way to review everything we had learned.

Stage 3! This was a totally new concept to me, and I was glad that I had finally heard it verbalized the way it was and that I could use the principles learned at that stage to improve my services in general.

Third Question: How did you feel about Kerstin's expertise and dedication to supporting you?

Really enjoyed working with Kerstin on this course. She came across as competent and experienced and radiates enthusiasm for the field. She was good a pulling our thoughts to clear and actionable conclusions. Really enjoyed the sense of community fostered by Kerstin.

What I like about Kerstin is her ability to pull a number of resources together and point people in the right direction. I'm sure she has a wealth of expertise herself, but in my humble opinion her major strength is the ability to compile her own experience, the experience of others and some other people's valuable advice and bring it all together.

Kerstin is highly knowledgeable about both online marketing and teaching online. She is therefore the ideal person to guide me through this kind of course. I am impressed with Kirsten's [sic] enthusiasm and enjoyed her lively sense of humour as I journeyed through the course. With Kerstin's expert guidance the course has led me to a real understanding of online niche marketing.

Final Question: Now that you have completed Savvy Brand Academy, how are you feeling about your business and your brand?

Much clearer about what I could offer if I went back to teaching, who I would be targetting and how to do it all.

I feel like I have a clearer direction of where I want to go, and feel more confident in getting there. I don't think my work is done just because the course is over, and know I have a long way to go to getting it exactly where I need to be (through trial & error, experimenting, etc..) but all of the exercises and information received in this course will continue to help me get there even though it's over.

I need to do certain things in order to market myself better, and have a game plan. My ideas of how to get where I want to go are crystal clear to me now. And I'm currently investing in myself more and keen to progress onto my projects. In fact, I am really, really excited about the future.

What previous participants thought about the course

What previous participants thought about the course

Would You Recommend Savvy Brand Academy? 100% YES

In this survey, I also asked the participants to rate whether they would recommend that you join Savvy Brand Academy. The result was a unanimous YES!

To follow in their footsteps and build the kind of brand that others look up to, here's how to enroll:

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3) Once your payment is processed, you're a member of Savvy Brand Academy and will receive your personal welcome kit from me

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