How to Find The Heroes in Your Network

"It takes a village to raise a child."

I bet you've heard that phrase before. This African saying reflects more about humans than just a tip for childcare. It's about community, about working together and helping out.

When you're in business for yourself, it's hard to see the benefits of community. We worry about the competition instead, or about who's going to badmouth our efforts.

Today I want to share two community project stories to inspire you and remind you that there is always another side to that competition:

When The Competition Chips In

Last week, I ran a special campaign at Fluent Language. I set out to share excellent Black Friday deals. Not just any deals, but the ones I dreamed of. In order to create this, I reached out to four companies that I admire. They're fellow language creators.

Each one of them came together to work with me and provide pictures, discounts and thanks for my customers. Without their generosity, I could have never put together the awesome list of deals that I found - and as a result, all of us felt the benefits.

Lesson learnt: Reach out to your colleagues and put together a joint promotion - their light will shine on you, too!

When You Activate Superpowers in Your Friends

My mastermind buddy Kathy Pine set herself the target of raising $8,500 to produce the Inspired Year Planner on Kickstarter. She only had a few weeks to put together the project and really kick it off, and found herself frazzled with so much to do.

At our recent Mastermind meeting, we jumped in. We pretty much bullied Kathy into taking our help with copywriting, video editing, promotion, anything. As a result, the project reached 100% funded yesterday and each of us got to show off some amazing skills. We have a fan in Kathy now - everyone wins!

Lesson learnt: If you're overwhelmed with a big project, you've got to reach out!! Ask friends, family, colleagues. You might be surprised by what they can do.

You should also check out her project on Kickstarter today!

If you're in the UK, pledge $35, select "no reward attached" and I will arrange special free shipping for you.

What these stories show is that you should not feel alone whenever you are stuck.

Get out of your rut, call in the cavalry! Your network is full of people who are bursting with creativity, wanting to help you, ready to offer something.

So...when was the last time you reached out?

Dealing With Overwhelm In Solo Business

All right you guys, story time. Today I want to tell you about a harmful cycle that many solo businesses can get themselves into. Maybe let's call it the Forget'n'Freak.

Why Are You Doing This?

First, you look around you and start with your vision. You set ambitions for yourself. You create a dream, a special idea of who you are and what you are working towards. Vision building is essential for any small business. It's more than just "where do you see yourself in 5 years?". It's the fuel that you need to get up in the morning.

Then, you look around yourself. You see hundreds of people following their own vision, sharing the ideas, and looking for advice. This makes sense, because you are looking for advice too.

The "Forget"

But THEN you realise something. The sources of advice, those places where you're looking, they're all way beyond your little vision. Sod "I want to quit my job" - these guys are making six figures! They have set up amazing websites, their lives look awesome.

Looks like they're better than you, so maybe it's time to reach for their thing.

This point is where a shift happens and your vision starts getting corroded. You buy into another one on top of yours. You start neglecting your own ideas of what you're working towards.

The "Freak"

Unsurprisingly, this is a stressful venture. When you've got those ambitions to chase, you feel like you must speed up. When you feel like you are not good enough, you go looking for more.

And when you cycle through all that learning, you look around and realize that whatever you're feeling cannot possibly be the vision you started chasing. You aren't there yet. You must learn more.

You must put everything into action, unfiltered, as vague as it might be, it's clear that only hard work is keeping you from that vision.

There's no shortage of instruction available from a million people. How to do this, how to get subscribers, conversion rate bootcamp. It's clear that purchasing this one course will give you the way to do this. Or maybe that one over there. Or maybe...well, you don't know and you're exhausted.

This is the point where businesses start crumbling. Yes, there's such a thing of too much instruction, too many courses. There's such a thing as losing sight of what you are doing this for. I've gone through it many times, and I know how tough it can feel. You forgot who you are, and then you freak when you remember. Forget'n'freak.

The difference between crumbling and standing strong at this point is not in any course or workshop (not even mine). It is all about who you are and where the original vision is at.

Because the courses and the teaching are not the problem, but forgetting your initial vision stops you in your tracks. Losing track of who you are is difficult.

So let's take a second and say this all together:


Your Action Point for the week is simply to give your initial vision some breathing space. Remember what it was that you set out to do when you were right at the beginning, naming your business or taking your first student. Write it down. Get back to yourself.

I hope this article resonated with you guys. Go ahead and comment, feel free to share is most important to you about your vision and your style.

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