I deliver inspiring, useful and entertaining conference speeches and workshops for people who love languages.

"I came away fully inspired and ready for my first year as a tutor!" - Kate, Tutor in South Wales

If you're interested in having me speak at your college, school or your event, just  email or use this contact form and let's discuss your requirements.

I do not consider myself a "motivational speaker" per se, but aim to provide information that will inspire the audience to do something. Whether that's language learning or developing themselves in a different useful way is up to them. I offer tutor and teacher training for those who want to inspire independent learning in their student groups, and have received great reviews from Lancaster University, Gwent Adult College, Northern Lights at UCLan, and more.

Current Talks

Here are two talks which are available in my current portfolio. I'm happy to chat about your needs, and add custom content upon request.

Time Secrets of Successful Language Learners

This informative and productive talk is about productivity, but it goes deeper below the surface of how you can really use your language learning time in a way that works. These insights from my own background as a serial language learner, and from working with 100s of busy people worldwide, will show you how to make time work for you.

You'll learn:

  • How it's not always about finding more time, but about the way you practice
  • What makes a language goal worth talking about
  • How to organize your time so you get stuff done
  • How self-knowledge can help you build solid habits
  • How language immersion in your own home can completely change your life

For anyone who struggles to find time for language classes, let alone homework, this talk will provide a handy framework and open the door to becoming fluent.

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