Do You Want To Earn More Money With Languages?

I hope your answer is yes! Making money is on the top of our priority lists these days. But it is not the only thing that matters. Imagine making a living based on what you love with the freedom of running your own business!

When I started my business in online teaching, I was in a tight spot. My previous career in student recruitment had been ground to a halt when the office environment became increasingly stressful, moving further and further away from what I believed in. Ultimately, things came to a head and I got sick. Sitting at home with no prospects and scared to return to work, I had nothing to plan on.

This is the point when Fluent was born. Armed with my love of languages and my experiences in education, I set out to build the company you're looking at today. I learnt the amazing things that can happen when you run an online business in languages:

  • Being Free to Travel and Experience New Cultures No Matter When I Want
  • Having Flexibility in My Schedule
  • Making an Income Doing What I Believe in
  • Reaching Thousands of People and Making an Impact With My Courses

Of course, it's not always a walk in the park. I ran into many roadblocks along the way. I had to learn to overcome them.

The reward is having a business that makes me excited to get to work every day.

You can do the same. Maybe you already do amazing work in your blog and your lessons, but the world is not listening. How can you amplify your voice and build a business that creates the life you want?

What you need is a step-by-step path to creating an amazing personal brand. It's not as hard as you might think.

Imagine putting yourself on the map as a true premium instructor, whose rates really reflect what they are worth. Imagine having a teaching style that is so popular and unique that students come back, spread the word, and refuse to work with anyone else. Imagine having a waiting list!

I want you to overcome the worries and insecurities you're facing, and start making a real difference. That's why I'm running Savvy Brand Academy, an exclusive live course and mastermind.

It's for you if you are:

  • At the crossroads between your past frustrations and your future success and wondering if you can handle this online teaching racket
  • Frustrated by low rates and high workloads in your teaching workplace
  • Setting up an online teaching business, but not booking enough lessons yet
  • Under-charging but scared that your market won't pay the rate you'd like to charge
I didn’t know how to get myself into a position where I could charge more for my teaching services until I joined Savvy Brand Academy.
— Katey, a happy Savvy Brand Academy graduate

Savvy Brand Academy is designed to give you a new perspective on yourself and your whole industry. You are my total VIPs in this programme and have access to personal coaching, structured calls and extra resources that can't be bought anywhere else.

Here are just some of the benefits others have experienced in this programme

  • You will find your own niche and create a powerful teacher platform. The course will give you real insight into finding those unique aspects that put you in a position where you can charge more for your teaching services.

  • You'll build a personal teaching network and learn from the smartest people in the business. And not only that: You'll join a truly supportive community and learn how to become more successful through your network.

  • You'll experience actionable insights into your own style that are the key to personal marketing.

  • You'll finally start putting some cash in your pocket!

You can be experienced or new to working online, what matters is that you are ready to ask yourself the right questions and work through our practical process.


Here's how you are going to spend your time in the Savvy Brand Academy.

Welcome Week

You will receive your Welcome Pack and an invitation to a personal goal setting session with your instructor Kerstin. The week concludes with a Welcome Event where you'll meet your fellow teachers.

Stage 1: Discover Your Strengths

Start documenting your strengths with a fun workbook and video training in the academy. The stage is focused on your strengths and personal teaching style, and you'll create your personal business map in a live workshop.

Stage 2: Hey There, Mr Ideal Customer

This stage builds on your personal strengths and sets out your shop's VIP Policy, identifying what makes an enquirer into a student that you're ready to start working with. Through video training, workbooks and live coaching, we'll help you get clarity on your own magnetic niche.

Stage 3: Clear Those Doubts

Make it happen. Clear up any doubts and harness the power of your brand in the big Savvy Brand AMA - a live session where no question is out of bounds. No matter if you've been worrying about discount structures or tempted to go back to school, Stage 3 is about your big success story.

Stage 4: Get Down to Business

You're going in the right direction. Time to get down to business and grab that megaphone! Craft your perfect introduction for networking events, build a brand new website, have a brand makeover, and get expert feedback in Stage 4.

Stage 5: Find Your Secret Sales Team

Ever looked at a competitor's website and felt like deleting your own? Then this stage is for you. Stage 5 will teach you how to use the personal brand you have just developed to start making waves in the marketplace. For any solopreneur, the lessons about your Secret Sales Team in this exclusive lesson will be a revelation. Stop spinning your wheels and get inspired in the live group call.

Ongoing Support

After the Savvy Brand Academy concludes, you'll be invited to take advantage of a limited amount of mastermind slots that help you stay committed to your success throughout 2016.

The course is highly customised to your personal situation, and designed to take you further than you have come on your own.

About Your Instructor

My name is Kerstin and I've been an online tutor since 2012. Fluent Language is not only a tutoring business, but also a profitable blog, podcast and online school.

My students are dedicated to working with me and love my teaching style. Each of them has been with me for years and sought me out personally to ask for lessons.

Over the past years, I have taught from 5 countries, created 6 online courses and published 2 books. I worried all the way through this process and often wished that there was more guidance about how to do this the right way.

That's why I want to share my own lessons and build a lasting support network for you in Savvy Brand Academy.

Really enjoyed working with Kerstin on this course. She came across as competent and experienced and radiates enthusiasm for the field. She was good a pulling our thoughts to clear and actionable conclusions. Really enjoyed the sense of community

How Do I Register for Savvy Brand Academy?

The Academy will open its doors for a limited period and at a price of only $549.

You will receive

  • 7 weeks of Personal VIP Coaching and expert support - that's you, me and the brightest people in the business making things happen for you!
  • My Savvy Brand Toolkit, a readymade guide to finding your own brand and standing out in the busy marketplace. Think PDF Handbooks, Video Training, ready-made templates and the right training you need to discover your beautiful voice.
  • The exclusive Secret Sales Team guide, where you'll learn how to get referrals from places you never dreamed of.

Investing in all of this separately would cost over £1000/$1500, but today you pay just $549 - a HUGE saving and true investment in your financial and professional success in 2016.

I feel like I have a clearer direction of where I want to go, and feel more confident in getting there. I don’t think my work is done just because the course is over, and know I have a long way to go to getting it exactly where I need to be (through trial & error, experimenting, etc..) but all of the exercises and information received in this course will continue to help me..
— Jen, proud Savvy Brand Academy graduate

The Savvy Brand Academy has a waiting list at this stage and places are extremely limited, so I recommend you register early while spaces are available.

What You Need To Be Successful In The Academy

You need no prior knowledge of marketing or website building. You don't need to have a pricing strategy, or a website, or even a flyer. But you need courage and a desire to work hard on that vision of a business that you love.

Course Dates

At this stage, Savvy Brand Academy is offering a waiting list and the next start date will be announced once a key number of participants is reached. Places are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know this works?

I invite you to read this collection of previous Academy members' thoughts and comments after they took part in Savvy Brand Academy.

  • What If This Course Isn't Right For Me?

Savvy Brand Academy is for online teachers who want to proudly know and own their niche.

You want be chased by students who heard about how awesome you are.

You want to have a system that brings students to you without haggling, without stress, so that you can focus on delivering awesome lessons.

You want to earn more money in less time by building packages that help students understand your offerings.

Ultimately, you want you to make money by being yourself. That's the kind of brand Savvy Brand Academy is designed to create for you.

  • But I already have a website! Is this a waste of time?

If you have the website sorted, then you have an awesome foundation to work from. Take this opportunity to create a brand makeover and address every aspect of your website that just doesn't work. You know all those frustrations with "what do I write here?" or "why does no one comment on my blog"? Once you have sorted your brand out with Savvy, you'll have clarity about what your site visitors should see and know and do.

  • Got A Question or need Payment Options?

There are instalment and PayPal payment options available. I'm here for you during the enrolment period to help you with anything that you might be worried about.

Our instalments split the big payment into three payments to help you plan your investment accordingly. Simply send me an email over to to get the full details.

  • But this isn't the right time!

You know what? I totally get it. Change is scary. Investment is very scary. I understand where you are and where you're coming from, but I cannot help you jump into this process. You gotta make that decision to dive in, and trust that once you do, I'll be here to make sure it's a great experience.

  • Do you Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! I offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, meaning that you will be able to send me an email and get a refund even after several weeks of learning.

If you are unhappy for any reason whatsoever, you get your money back. And I'll even let you keep the $169 Savvy Brand Toolkit.

Missed the Registration Form? Please scroll up to the red box on this page.

See you on the inside,