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The Fluent Language Habit Toolkit

In a special event organised by Fluent Language, expert bloggers from all around the web took on the topic of building a language habit with the Language Habit Toolkit.

  • Cara from LEO Listening shares specialists advice on how to make listening a habit in your language learning routine
  • Greek teacher Danae from Alpha Beta Greek used the Language Habit Toolkit to discover how to completely change the way you learn Greek
  • Abigail from The Fresh French investigates how to create a positive space by tracking your French progress
  • In the Lingua Materna Podcast, James and I discussed why language habits matter so much to independent learners like you
  • Chiara from Runaway Daydreamer shares how she creates her ideal language learning routine
  • Lindsay Does Languages writes about learning languages without changing your routine
  • Shannon at Eurolinguiste shares her review of the Language Habit Toolkit
  • At Practispanish, tutor José discovers that language learning habits can make you a better version of yourself

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