Episode 31: Learn A Language with TV: How to Get The Most Out of Watching TV in Your Target Language

Topic: Watching TV in a Foreign Language

Welcome to Episode 31, where Lindsay and I took a deep dive into revealing our TV watching habits and how they aid our language learning. Plus: Listener feedback and over 20 show recommendations.

We are sponsored today by Savvy Brand Academy, a mastermind & brand course for onlinte teachers, as part of our "podcasters are doin' it for themselves month".

1) What type of TV do you watch?

  • Listener Colin likes to watch with the whole family
  • Chris Stewart who likes watching reality tv like “Come dine with me”
  • For me: Serials
  • For Lindsay: youtube as part of a routine
  • My student Randy: Tagesschau

2) HOW do you watch?

  • Is there such a thing as guilty learning vs. not-guilty learning?

  • Should you watch with subtitles or without? Subtitles in your own language or the other language? Immersion or full understand mode?

  • Big debate: How can TV count as "deliberate study time"?

  • Where can you find shows that are appropriate for your level?

  • What makes TV for kids a good choice?

3) Where can you find cool things to watch? (Big Link Collection)

**YouTube and Yabla:

**TV Apps and Websites Where You Can Find International TV

**Shows Kerstin Loves (75% contains crime)

  • Hwb, Hinterland and Byw Celwydd (Welsh)
  • Les Revenants and Spiral (French)
  • Salamander (French/Flemish)
  • Deutschland 83, Good Bye Lenin!, The Edukators (German)
  • The Bridge (Danish/Swedish)
  • The Killing and Borgen (Danish)

The Takeaway

If you have not done this already, catch an episode of 1980s German spy show Deutschland 83 - here it is on Amazon.com and here it is on All 4 in the UK