Episode 17: Creative Language Entrepreneurship with Gabby Wallace

In this episode, I giggle my way through a football reporter’s discovery that German is a useful language - live! You will also hear my interview with Gabby Wallace, a friendly and experienced teacher of English.

gabby wallace

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Where in the USA they still had a queen in the 1950s
  • Why Discipline and Sharing are the two most important techniques in language learning
  • How to combine the best of Japanese learning traditions with the best of the American classroom
  • How real language learners improve through videos
  • And best of all: Gabby's Top 3 Tips for becoming location independent, and how to have an immersion trip
  • A bit more about what drives the independent language entrepreneur
  • How I flounder when I’m actually asked to explain Memrise
The bottom line: It always comes down to motivation.
— Gabby

Article of the week

Tips of the Week

As our video girl, Gabby didn’t hesitate to choose tip 3 for this episode, so go ahead and try it out.

1) Try some gist reading: Skim through an article quickly and try to get the gist

2) Bulk add your excel or word lists to Memrise

3) Get smarter about video with Yabla

Tips and Links from this Podcast

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Gabby Wallace

Laptop Teacher

Go Natural English

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix - they have subtitles and audio in German, French, Spanish and Portuguese

Jeremy Ginsburg teaching Vietnamese on Youtube