Improve your English with this video and audio story

The world is full of English speakers and English learners, and we can safely say that English must be one of the most popular languages to learn. But if you are trying to learn the language, have you thought about the many forms of English that exist in the world? There are geographical English families, and the different languages of use: an engineer in India and a high school kid in Canada don't speak alike. You can read a really great introduction to them in David Crystal's book "A Guided Tour of the English Language", by the way. 



Every English is Natural English

So when I'm telling you that my contribution to the book "Learn Natural English Through Storytelling" (find it on here, and here) is created in English, you know what to think. This is my own personal English, and it is my story that I am sharing with you. The way I spell and use words is personal, it is the language of a foreigner who has become at home in Northern England.

And because writing and reading are never the full extent of language use, you can now listen to me reading the story out loud as well. Don't forget that there are vocabulary lists and great exercises in the full book, and that you should also check out what else it contains: 

  • A rap from Fluency MC Jason Levine
  • A non-fiction story from  
  • A comic from Mau Buchler at
  • 4 more lovely stories representing English around the world

So here it is, this is what I sound like: 

Get the Book

All the contributors to this book are very proud, and there is so much more to it than only this little story. 

Sylvia Guinan is one of our authors, she's Irish and lives in Greece. Sylvia has written a really excellent review of the book on the Wiziq blog.  So if you know someone learning English, please go check it out and leave us a review too! 




Learn German with YouTube's most popular high school teacher: Levi Antrim!

I'm so excited about today's article, which has a new format that I am trying out for you guys: It's a podcast (in your RSS readers this shows up as podcast, though no artwork or intro have been created yet)! The first interview features a great guest: Mr Levi Antrim from Learn German with Herr Antrim. Levi is a German teacher in a US high school, but he's doing excellent work with a brand new approach to the classroom.

Listen to the interview below:


Here's what Levi and I discussed

  • How this small-town American guy discovered a love and passion for German and started producing creative and entertaining videos for his classes
  • How the students in his high school classes have changed the way they approach German as a school subject
  • Herr Antrim's YouTube success and the new series he's working on - teaching with puppets!
  • How quickly you can really experience the full benefit of immersion learning in the country
  • How to deal with the eternal problem called "They all speak English to me!"
  • What Levi loves about Germany, and our shared love of the beautiful city of Berlin
  • Why you shouldn't use "Männer" by Herbert Grönemeyer in classes with under 21s
  • Levi's top picks for bands and videos to use while practicing German

Links to what we chatted about

Fluency MC and Mickey Mangan in the Fluent Language Interviews

Döner Kebab - the classic German (Turkish?) fastfood

The ASDF movies and Charlie the Unicorn in German

Herr Antrim's YouTube playlist of German songs

"Männer" by Herbert Grönemeyer

I need your comments - what do you think about a podcast?

As you can tell, I'm considering the launch of a whole Fluent Language podcast format featuring interviews, music and other excellent content that you can listen to wherever you are. As you can hear in today's recording, I think the improvements in my own speaking and microphone skills would be significant with regular practice, and I'd like to share the journey with you.  There are so many creative learners and teachers out there, and a lot of fun to be had - and what's better than hearing language as well as reading it?!

What do you think about a Fluent Language podcast? Are you as excited as I am? Please leave your reply in the comments today so the project can start with your support!