Achieve Higher Levels In Any Language - Not Just For Now

If you're working on learning a language by yourself, you'll know that traditional classroom learning does not work for many learners in the real world. But the language learning world is full of crazy promises: "Become fluent in weeks!", "Learn a Language in Your Sleep!", "Talk to Natives Every Waking Hour!".

But for you, this isn't about getting more done faster. You want to feel confident and fluent in your target language for life, to discover the world through new eyes and make friends in other countries. You want to make language a part of your life.

I regularly hear from language learners who want nothing more than to find a routine that's regular and happy, but here's what they tell me:

> "My learning boosts are really sporadic and I just can't seem to commit"

> "Often I tell myself that this isn't really something I need to do. I wish I could find the right motivation to keep going."

> "I have spent so much money on new resources, but I see no progress"

> "There's always more room for improvement - I'm learning two languages but I wish I knew the best tricks from experts"

> "I have no idea where to start."

> "I have no idea where to go next."

If those thoughts sound familiar to you, it's time to stop procrastinating and start learning languages in a regular, happy way.

It's not just about which materials you use, and it's not about how much you spend.

In fact, the secret is about becoming the best learner you can be. Most adult learners pick up a language for up to 12 months, but they never reach a high fluency level. High fluency and language skill are not in the innate talent, but they are all about how you learn.

I am extremely pleased with Kerstin. She comes up with creative ways for me to learn, and pushes me when I need pushing. I am learning and making progress and I am excited about it! I would highly recommend Kerstin to anyone who is serious about language learning
— Randy, Texas

I Can Help You Discover How To Learn Best

As an expert who is learning her 8th language and has been teaching languages for years, I want you to discover exactly what it takes to learn a language to a high standard.

What happens in a Mentoring Session?


Here's a quick summary of what you can expect in the session, depending on where your priorities are:

  • I will ask smart questions and practice active listening to pinpoint very clearly where your challenges are, and how we can start working on addressing them
  • I will create your skills and styles profile to help you understand how you learn best
  • You will think about your language studies and current level in a new way
  • You will be guided through a reflective review process to understand your current language learning methods, and how they can work better for you

We'll create a system that makes language learning fun for you, and support you with some awesome resources that will keep you repeating and learning more words than ever before.

With such a large investment in your future, it pays to be smart about planning and committing to a project that will reward you for every minute and dollar you put in.

Coaching is more than just teaching you a language. In my 5 years of private tuition and running group classes with global student groups, I learnt one important thing:

Languages cannot be taught. It is always YOU who learns.

This is an investment that will pay off for years to come as you commit to making your target language a part of your daily routine, and learn how to establish that regular, happy routine you've been dreaming about.

Sounds Amazing. When Can We Start?

There are three packages available - choose and book the one that suits you best.

Shot Of Inspiration: 1 Focused Conversation

You can book a single session of language encouragement, advice and inspiration. This session is perfect if you usually feel confident, but are finding yourself stuck right now, or if you're ready and want to get yourself off to the best possible start.

It includes a personal questionnaire before the meeting so you become focused on the single topic that will help you make the most progress.

Path To Greatness: 5 Mentoring Sessions

If you're ready to accomplish a real language breakthrough, this package is the one. Together, we will break down your goal into manageable steps that fit into your life.

Path to Greatness is where we go deep and talk about more than just the day-to-day learning. We will have time to explore your personality, motivation, and those deeper questionsthat can make a HUGE difference in your studies.

This package has the potential to help you uncover hidden strengths you never knew about and fulfil your polyglot potential.

Here is what a typical package looks like:

  • One initial Kickstart Session where you set your goals, identify ambitions, and create your roadmap (ca. 1-1.5 hrs)
  • 4 focused coaching sessions via phone, Skype, or in person
  • Priority email support for 10 weeks
  • One closing Review session to conclude our project, celebrate your achievements and ensure you have all you need to keep moving forward successfully (ca 1-1.5 hours)
I found Kerstin’s language coaching sessions very valuable and I would definitely recommend her to other language learners.

Bring all your questions and concerns and ideas to really unpack your thoughts and to get excited about taking your language learning to the next level or in new directions (or both!).
— Nicole, Leeds, Uk

I bring my years of experience and focus fully on helping you create success. Have you read all that and feel ready to rock'n'roll?

Then check out my packages:

One-off coaching to give you inspiration, professional advice and a clear view on where you can improve

A proven coaching package including 5 sessions and priority email support


What's the difference between coaching/mentoring and tutoring?

Simply put, a mentoring partnership is about your individual methods and skills. I won't tell you what to do, instead I will help you discover your own potential to achieve your goals exactly. Language mentoring/coaching is a discipline that focuses on you and your own personal situation, so it's perfect for you if you want to discover what will suit your personality and language background.

What language level do I need for this?

I will work with you no matter if you're a total beginner or you're preparing for the advanced stages of language learning. All you need to bring is an open mind, a bag of questions, and the desire to find your personal path to fluency.

Do You Offer Exam Coaching?

Indeed, I can do this for you. In my sessions we will focus on preparation techniques, success psychology, effective study, and preparing you thoroughly for language exams. I have worked with students from all kind of backgrounds who achieved A* grades from top universities as well as passes with disctinction in their target language exams.

I'm not sure about working 1-to-1. What should I do?

If you want a taster of my approach and the kinds of topics you can expect, take a look at Focus & Fluency, my entry-level online course. This is perfect for you if you feel overwhelmed and want a new way of learning how to achieve your goals.

Purchase the Focus & Fluency course here

So that's three options:

  • Try a Shot of Inspiration one-off session
  • Join me for your "Path to Greatness" package
  • Check out the Focus & Fluency online course

You know yourself best and it is always a wise choice to opt for developing those skills. I don't want you to stay unsure and worried about your progress for too long, so I hope that one of these options will turn out just perfect for you.

All the best,