Speak Better French In A Few Hours

Are you starting to learn French but getting stuck?

Most language learners find it easy to pick up a few phrases at the start of their language learning journey. You get results with apps, you speak to a few people, and you study up on vocabulary. But there's a niggling sense that something is missing.

It's easy to say a few sentences, and maybe you even understood it when the reply had the word oui in it.

But do you know how to really speak French?

Join Hundreds of Satisfied Students and Learn French Quickly

When I first learnt the French language, it was hard to make sense of it all. The best way of learning it was to have it explained by someone in simple terms. And as I started teaching, I wanted to open this great experience to other learners, which is why I created the course French Grammar for Beginners.

For everyone who has a phrasebook gathering dust on the shelf, here is a course to help you out.

  • What if your teacher was more than a book? Someone friendly and fun, giving explanations that make sense to you. 
  • Would you love to learn at your own pace and access lessons whenever you need to?

The course covers every topic that the beginning learner needs. It is developed to match the content of leading A1 course books such as Taxi, Façon de Parler and The French Experience.

Kerstin makes it easy, exciting and gives elegant examples that take zero effort to learn, though we cannot promise that a little effort won't go along way once you start using this knowledge. (Anthony Metivier, Magneticmemorymethod.com)

French Grammar for Beginners gives you a super solid foundation for becoming a confident French speaker.

How To Speak French Without Embarrassing "Beginner's Mistakes"

5 Stars:
I am learning more than I learnt at university. This course is exactly what I have been looking for in order to learn French by myself.
— Audry da Silva

With these easy grammar explanations, I have distilled over 15 years of French study, a university degree and a year of full-time language immersion into a step-by-step guide to mastering French grammar.

By the end of this course, you will gain a new understanding and confidence of French grammar and eliminate 80% of the most common mistakes.

French Grammar In Plain English

The videos are short and easy to understand, and I'll share with you the best ways to find little-known tips hidden in dictionaries and book stores.

  • You will feel more confident about speaking French
  • You will know more about grammar, and how it helps you learn ANY language
  • You will be able to describe what happened in the past
  • You will be able to ask questions

When you join Easy French Grammar for Beginners, you open up a huge arsenal of resources that will help you speak French correctly.

The full course includes instant access to

  • 3 Hours of Video Lessons, Quizzes and Slides in PDF Format
  • Charts and Cheat Sheets for you to print
  • Tutor support from me for any question right in the course forum
  • Easy pronunciation tips, examples and demos of every single rule we talk about

Plus, if you join the French Grammar for Beginners course today you'll also get regular special worksheets and tips as part of the Fluent community.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I don't want you to feel disappointed or dissatisfied if the course isn't the right fit for you.

f you're not completely satisfied with Easy French Grammar for Beginners, I'll refund your money - no questions asked.

5 Stars! A+ Teacher!
Kerstin makes learning French Grammar simple.
— Seth Parker