For Learners of Any Language

These tools are available and trusted in many languages, or they aim to make you increase your learning skills and results by teaching learning techniques.


Check out my two language learning guides:

  • Fluency Made Achievable is written to help you understand and apply the four core skills of language learning.
  • The Vocab Cookbook is a comprehensive collection of vocabulary learning "recipes" to suit your personal learning style.

You can buy the two of them together and save some cash with the Fluent Guides Box Set.


Check out my book The Vocab Cookbook. The book will help you get the most out of flashcards and offer many other study ideas.

  • Learn with Oliver is a free arsenal of language learning to
  • Duolingo has an app to help you learn a bunch of languages. It builds a "skill tree", and makes the whole thing like a big social game. Even though I can’t go around recommending Duolingo, it does have many drawbacks. Click here to read my full review..
  • Memrise is my favourite flashcard app with pronunciation and spaced repetition built in. I particularly like the fact that you can build your own vocabulary sets, which is the best way to review vocabulary.
  • Flashsticks are fan-bloody-tastic. They're pre-printed post-its to help you learn your vocabulary anywhere you like. It's like your flashcards, but supercharged and real. Use KERSTIN10 at checkout to receive 10% discount on everything.

Becoming An Effective Language Learner


  • You just have to check out Audio Lingua, a website with free, user-sourced recordings of real people talking about their lives in 8 languages. I use it in my classes too.
  • For more audio goodness, Rhinospike (submit a text and a native speaker will read it for you ) and Forvo (pronunciation demos for any word in any language) are here to meet your needs.


  • Yabla (EN, FR, CN, DE, ES, IT) is YouTube for language learners.

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