Want to Guest Post on Fluent? 

Yes, you there. I am always looking for talented new writers to share their best language learning tips, experiences and opinions on the Fluent blog. If you've got ideas, we want to hear about them. You don't need to rock the world of language learning: Just give us your own opinion, your twist on the world of languages, learning, and where they intersect.

How to Guest Post for Fluent

  1. Read and understand the full guide below
  2. Check out a few of the other guests posts so you know what I will publish. I want to hear your personal angle, your story or your own opinion.
  3. Complete the form below to submit your pitch.
  4. After your pitch is accepted: Write your post in a Google Doc or in Markdown (avoid MS Word) and submit it to kerstin@fluentlanguage.co.uk. With 1-3 images and your very short bio and social media links.
  5. Work on your post and submit an amended version quickly if required.
  6. After it is published: Promote your guest post to your own blog readers, social media followers and newsletter members
  7. Come back and consider becoming a regular contributor!

Your submission must fulfil the following criteria:

  • The story and article must be a unique and original submission to Fluent and avoid bland SEO-focused content.
  • Keep your article length between 900 and 1800 words, broken up by plenty of sub-headings
  • Follow the style guide for topic choices, writing style and photos.
  • Your readers for this article are smart, dedicated, motivated language learners. Most of them live in English-speaking environments, so I don't usually publish ESL content. I will publish content about any language, but it must be interesting for learners of all languages.

  • Make sure your story is relevant to the readers by adding tips or links to where they can find more information, take action and learn more. Actionable content is the key.

  • Be prepared to work on your article and make changes, and accept feedback to improve your writing
  • You must prepare and include an image of you, your adventures, your books etc.
  • You must pay attention to your post after publication and ensure that you answer all relevant comments. Saying hello to the people reading your words on here will not only benefit the Fluent blog AND yours, but it's also a great way of thanking them for interacting with you.
  • Be aware that it can take up to 2 months before your article is published, since Fluent operates on a pre-planned Content Plan.

Corporate Guest Bloggers

I am extremely unlikely to publish any guest post written in order to promote your company or gain backlinks. This is because such content tends to be anonymous, boring or bland advertising. It will not work for you. For advertising that really works, I suggest you consider sponsoring the blog/podcast or asking me for my review rates. Please read my Media Kit for statistics and suggestions.

Fluent is not an anonymous and generic blog, and your post must have personality and your own unique voice to add to the debate. Tell your story, say it in your own words.

Did you read all that? Now send me your pitch!

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