Welcome to the Blog Tour

To celebrate the release of the Language Habit Toolkit, I invited a talented bunch of language bloggers, podcasters, and tutors to try it out and write about how you can create an effective learning routine in ANY language.

I'm honoured to share the following articles about the Toolkit with you. Check them out, and you're guaranteed to find a few awesome new blogs in the process.

  • Cara from LEO Listening shares specialists advice on how to make listening a habit in your language learning routine
  • Greek teacher Danae from Alpha Beta Greek used the Language Habit Toolkit to discover how to completely change the way you learn Greek
  • Abigail from The Fresh French investigates how to create a positive space by tracking your French progress
  • In the Lingua Materna Podcast, James and I discussed why language habits matter so much to independent learners like you
  • Chiara from Runaway Daydreamer shares how she creates her ideal language learning routine
  • Lindsay Does Languages writes about learning languages without changing your routine
  • Shannon at Eurolinguiste shares her review of the Language Habit Toolkit
  • At Practispanish, tutor José discovers that language learning habits can make you a better version of yourself

Come back next week for more actionable tips from French Lover, Runaway Daydreamer, and the Lingua Materna Podcast.

Win a Language Habit Toolkit for Yourself!

Between 17 May and 02 June, I will be giving away one Toolkit a day from a lucky winner. All you have to do is

1) comment on one of the posts that are participating in the Language Habit Toolkit blog tour


2) make sure you have registered using the form on this page -->

The giveaway ends on 02 June 2017 at 23:59 (British Summer Time). Each person may enter once per day only, and winners will be notified after the giveaway has ended.

About the Language Habit Toolkit

Learning a language by yourself is the ultimate exercise in freedom, growth and confidence.

But it's not always quick and easy, and independent learners like you can struggle to stay productive, focused, and on track.

The Language Habit Toolkit is an easy way for you to plan, track, and review your studies. Click to read more about the Language Habit Toolkit.