The Ones To Watch: 3 Top New Language Bloggers

Here at Fluent, you know that I love supporting learners from a teaching person's point of view. In future, I want to focus more on the teachers themselves, too, sharing ideas about what makes lessons great. And where do you even find students? And when are you good enough to teach a language?

But that's all Zukunftsmusik (awesome German word for "written in the stars") and today I want to introduce you to some other perspectives of language learning. At the start of the year, I published a call for every learner to consider blogging in How to Learn A Language In 2014.

If you are excited about starting up a language blog, check out my Quick'n'Easy Guide. Each learner is so different, which is what makes blogs so fascinating and worthwhile. You can have truly dedicated learners, committed to the Polyglot label. And then you have people like me -- language learning has been a huge part of my life, but these days I don't spend every day acquiring a new language. Instead, I teach, I travel, I study a bit of Linguistics and I use what I learn to understand the world around me.

Here are three blogs from people who have heard the call and are sharing their own perspectives.

The Challenge Oriented Learner

I always have a soft spot for native English speakers who live in a country where they don't have to learn a foreign language to get by in the world. These learners choose to learn foreign languages for really interesting reasons, like personal growth. Bill from HowToLanguages is an amazing example of this. He started learning German as a personal challenge, and if you are looking for someone who sets a goal and works towards it consistently, this is your man.

You can follow the blog at HowToLanguages. Here are some posts I really liked:

And Bill also posts several reviews, for example round-up one (Pimsleur is pretty American, but UK learners who are keen can find them on Amazon or Ebay too, or try Michel Thomas which is a similar concept). Like me, he is a fan of Teach Yourself for advanced learners.

The Introspective Learner

The second Blog to Watch is called The Foreign Language Learning Challenge, and features a great array of posts. It's fairly new so you won't lose hours to an extensive archive, but what I like about this one is that the posts are a mix of introspective (if short) pieces which really made me think, and actionable instructions.

You can follow this blog at The Foreign Language Learning Challenge and check out:


The Compassionate Language Learner

We have featured two sort-of typical language bloggers so far: results-oriented, confident and....male! But J, author of the Compassionate Language Learner is different. I met them as a participant in my great 50 Calls Project, where we shared stories of language learning as a female, someone who makes their own labels and maybe rejects some of that polyglot circus.

The Compassionate Language Learner is a blog with a unique perspective. What's it like to learn a language when your mind won't always do what you like it to do? How can a challenge's dark sides -- the guilt, the pressure, the sadness -- be overcome? J, I am so excited to hear more from you as a language blogger and I hope you'll be sharing more with us in future.

Support New Language Bloggers

I urge you to go and leave a comment on these new bloggers' little spaces on the internet. In this world where we can all have our little online corner, it's great to know that someone values what you are saying. Blogging is all about keeping going, and sharing what you can share.

Are you a language blogger? Do you write about other things? More of an instagrammer? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.