These fun videos can get you motivated to start learning a language

There's some poetry in advertising, isn't there? It tries to tell us about what our most burning desires are, and what the world would look like if we satisfied them. Or, well, some adverts take the other route of showing us just what we miss out on.  Here are two that really stood out to me because they do it so, so well.

The Coastguard

Ultimate proof that a sense of humour is deeply ingrained in every German's brain. I have known this ad for YEARS and still laugh out loud every time I see it. Thank you to Berlitz for summing up the whole point of learning a language properly.

The Lost Opportunity

D'oh! Noooooo! Oh man, how much time could we think about what could have been if that guy had only studied some Korean!

Come on now.

You don't want to be like that speechless coast guard when a pop star walks by, do you?  Take a biased piece of advice from me and book yourself onto a Fluent Language Tuition lesson. Locals in Lancaster have the chance to join a group starting on 27 August, and anyone anywhere should take the chance to meet me online.