Take Our European Day of Languages Quiz (Podcast Episode 50)

We did it! You guys stuck with us, listened and wrote in to 50 episodes of the show now, and we want to thank you and tell you how much we appreciate you for this. It's awesome to know that there are language geeks all over the world who enjoy our show.

In This Episode You'll Hear

  • Kerstin's story of creating her European Day of Languages video on YouTube with all of the strangers (did you know I knew nothing about Welsh?)
  • LIVE Good, Bad and Struggling with the Chatroom!
  • Of course, our Huge 36 Question European Day of Languages QUIZ
  • A bittersweet announcement about the show's hiatus after episode 52


Missed the Quiz?

Don't miss out! If you want to quiz along, listen to the show recording. We saved all the answers until the end of every round so you can guess along with the live audience.

And if you want a PDF of the Questions and Answers, simply hop over here and join the Fluent Language Cool Kids Club.

What is the European Day of Languages?

It is an annual celebration of the huge variety of languages that live in Europe. No matter if you were born in Europe or not, chances are that you’ve studied a European language at some point. On the European Day of Languages you can join thousands of language learners, teachers, translators, linguists and polyglots to celebrate languages.

Links From This Episode

French for Beginners: Celebrity Quiz

Hello French learners, I thought it was time for something a bit different after all the grammar and study sessions in French on a Windowsill. So today, I made you a video quiz. In this video, I will describe two mystery celebrities and ask you to guess "Qui suis-je?" (Who am I?) The quiz covers lots of what I spoke about in the previous episodes of the French on a Windowsill videos, so I think you guys are now ready!

The answers and full translations of the descriptions will be posted here on the blog in 5 days, so please keep your guesses coming!

Have fun, let's roll the film: