Beautiful Gallery Images from my Multilingual Forest Surprise

Sometimes we don't have to look very far at all to discover a multilingual gem right on our doorstep. On Sunday, I took a trip to Beacon Fell, a beautiful forest and hill in the Forest of Bowland, for an autumn walk. I love it when the leaves turn yellow and orange and the last of the sun wants our attention.

The Forest is celebrating its 50th anniversary as an "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty" this year (it really is beautiful), and they currently have a little art exhibition right in the forest to celebrate. I got a little lost looking for the first stone of Geraldine Pilgrim's "Beauty", but when I finally found it I was excited to see that I got a special treat. The word "Beauty" is etched into stepping stones in the forest floor in various languages, placed along a trail that leads you into the forest to a special area of contemplation.

Here is a glimpse of the exhibition. You can catch it until 9 November if you are visiting Northern England.

I would love to hear about special places that you have found in your own area.

Where can you find international signs, exhibitions or other multilingual beauty?

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