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Language learning is a wonderful journey, but it's also hard work and there's a lot of confusion out there.

You might be confused about methods, tips, tools and even which language you should tackle next. Imagine having two good friends who know what the deal is in this language learning journey, and who will be happy to help you out.

Sounds great, right? Here's how make that wish into reality - for free!

On the next episode of our Creative Language Learning Podcast, Lindsay Dow and I will be answering your a language learning questions, sharing your stories and hearing from listeners all over the world.

Right now, there is one thing missing:

We Want To Hear Your Voice

What would a feedback podcast be like if there were no listeners? Very empty! We don't want that, we want you guys to be part of the episode, making your own voices heard.

In return, Lindsay and I will put our minds to giving you the best language learning advice - or life advice if you have an international love dilemma, a question about studying abroad or any other question that needs the power of our combined years of language learning power.

You don't have to make an appointment to be a guest on our show - not this time.

Simply think of your language question, story or product recommendation, record yourself or leave a Skype voicemail, and we will be delighted to have you on our show.

Don't Know What To Ask?

Some intriguing questions from past shows included:

Why are you guys learning Korean and Welsh?

Which app should I use for finding cool language exchange partners?

Help! I'm learning 3 languages and I can't keep up. Do you have any tips?

You can tell us about your favourite language learning tool or app, or even email a picture of your phone's home screen to show us the apps you love using.

How To Send Your Message

You can submit your message to us anytime. Simply do one of the following:

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Make sure you mention

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  2. where you're from and which languages you're learning

and then just go for it and ask your question, tell a story or recommend a language learning tool that you use regularly.

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New Online Learner's Testimonial: Randy Glover

Today I'm writing a blog post to share a testimonial, but also the learning story, from one of my first students! Randy contacted me last year, and has studied two languages just in the time I've known him. He lives halfway across the world from me in Texas. I've never even been there - thank you internet for letting me connect with great people!

Randy is testimony to the fact that no one is ever too old to learn a language, and neither do you need to get started for a big, life-changing reason. And check out that impressive list of resources this guy knows about!

I am extremely pleased with my online language tutor. I am learning and making progress and I am excited about it!

I would highly recommend Kerstin and Fluent Language Tuition to anyone who is serious about language learning.

Learning for a trip

"I started my studies of foreign language a bit later than most at age 56.  I began my study of German in November 2009 in preparation for a trip to Germany, which included a visit to Oberammergau for the Passionsspiele 2010.  I decided that if I was going to watch a play for 8 hours - all in German - that I would enjoy it more if I knew some of the language. Plus my visit to Germany would be more enjoyable if I could speak a bit of the language and read signs, menus, and the like. I purchased Rosetta Stone Deutsch (levels 1-5) and diligently began my studies, never realizing that I was starting a journey that would continue for years and not just months.

3 years later - he's still going strong

Fast forward to 2012. My wife and I have now traveled to Europe several times and I have continued my German studies.  Surprisingly, I have learned that I really enjoy language studies. I've completed all Rosetta Stone has to offer for German, and I've also tried GermanPod101, Rocket German, Yabla, Deutsch Happen, Pimsleur, Fluenz German, and Michel Thomas. I've come a long way in my ability to understand and read German. I've also learned a bit of Italian for a trip to Italy in 2011. Now, we are planning a trip to Paris, France for our wedding anniversary and I decide to learn a bit of French.  I'm thinking about the best way to learn and decide to try the combination I've come to like the most - Rosetta Stone for Vocabulary and Michel Thomas for grammar. But I realize that time is short and that even with my best efforts, I still seem to come up short in my efforts to speak in another language.

Besides languages, Randy loves photography too (see more  here ). We've recently been doing language projects on the subject!

Besides languages, Randy loves photography too (see more here). We've recently been doing language projects on the subject!

Bringing in the online language teacher

That's when I came across an advertisement online for Fluent Language Tuition. Wow!  A teacher who will essentially come to me online! This is to good to be true. I wonder if this is what I have been missing in my search for a way to get over that hurdle to speaking a foreign language. So, I send an email to Kerstin and I receive a prompt response.  We set up a time for my free first lesson and it's a success! Yes! This is just what I've been looking for. For the next couple of months, we focus mainly on French and I am very pleased with the progress I make in fairly short time. In January, we agree that it's time to switch to German.  We have yet another trip to Germany planned and this time I'm going to be ready!

It's now April 2013 and, with Kerstin's assistance, I am finally starting to speak German!  I am extremely pleased with Kerstin as a language tutor.  She is providing me one on one language lessons - including the chance to practice my speaking and writing - online, on a weekly basis. We use FaceTime and Google Docs (and occasionally Skype when FaceTime is uncooperative) to communicate between Lancaster, England, and Houston, Texas. She comes up with creative ways for me to learn, and pushes me when I need pushing. I am learning and making progress and I am excited about it!

Try it for yourself

I would highly recommend Kerstin and Fluent Language Tuition to anyone who is serious about language learning. The first lesson is free and her fees are reasonable.  Go ahead. Send that email or get in touch with Kerstin.  What do you have to lose by taking the opportunity to spend a fun hour with an excellent language tutor?

You can read more from Randy on the Fluent blog in his Rosetta Stone review.