28 Days of Social Media for Language Learning

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest...are they 100 new ways to waste your time?

My friend Lindsay from Lindsay Does Languages thinks otherwise. She is obsessed with social media, but not in that "candy-crush-comment-spiral" sort of way. Lindsay is a very disciplined language learner, having created her own courses on language learning (check out my review of "Successful Self Study" here)

Last month, Lindsay brought out a new little course called Social Media Success and I thought instead of the usual course review, I actually want to put this to the test.

"Will social media really help me learn a language? Won't I just mess around on the internet?"

I really don't need more wasted internet time in my busy life, but I've decided to try this out myself.

For the next 28 days, I am going to follow Lindsay's recommendations and complete as many tasks as possible in her social media planner. Along the way, I'll post a weekly update on the blog and newsletter and let you know how helpful the Social Media Course will be.

And because this is meant to be social, I would like you to come and try out the challenge together with me.

Join Fluent Language Learners

You are invited to join the Fluent Language Facebook group, where I will post daily updates, prompts and ideas - and where we can discuss how it's going! The group is for connecting with learners of all languages and talking about our favourite study methods.

Join the Facebook group if:

  • You love learning languages

  • You want to share your ideas and learn more about how we learn best

  • You need to work out how to fit language into your busy life

  • You love travel and connecting with people!

And of course there is a #hashtag too: Post using #kerstinsocial every day or search for the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to see how I'm progressing.

Ready? #awesome!!

Click here to join the Facebook group and get Lindsay's 28 Day Planner

Where To Find & Follow Me on Social Media

Here are the social media accounts that I will be using during the challenge:

You will also need the 28 Day Planner, which you can download here.

The social media planner also talks about Periscope, but I think that one's gone away...I'll be popping up on Facebook Live in the group instead!

Ready to Start?

Comment ont this blog post to tell me your favourite social network, and how you will be using it to learn languages in the next 28 days.

I'll see you online (search #kerstinsocial) or on Friday with my first update on the blog.