The Best Language Learning Tools for Spring/Summer 2018

top language tools summer 2018

What if your language-crazy friends could get together and give you a list of their top tools in language learning, curated from the coolest new language sites, apps, and books right now?

In this episode of the The Fluent Show, we're going to be those friends! Lindsay and I have searched through the fog and found a few super-cool new language learning tools for you to try.

Wanna hear which ones were our top 3? Check out the podcast right here:

Lindsay is back on the show, and this time checking in from the other side of the world...the opposite one from last time!

If It Looks Like A Burger, But It Isn't Meat, Can We Call It A Burger?

In our news segment, we discuss what's been going on with language en France. Boy, those people just can't resist a tinker with the français.

In France, makers of veggie sausages will no longer be allowed to use those words to describe their food as a 'sausage'. We discuss if this is an important step to protect consumers...or a crazy, patronizing step towards language policing.

If you've got some observations of unusual veggie/vegan terms in the wild, we'd love to hear them! Tweet us at @thefluentshow

Top Language Learning Tools for Spring and Summer 2018

It's time for a new edition of the Fluent Show's guide to what's hot in language learning for this season. Lindsay and I have been collecting our top tools, and we select our list of top 3 recommendations on the Fluent Show.

Here are the nominees:

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A cute, Duolingo-syle app to help us learn Asian languages? Yes, please! Lingodeer is a language course app for Android or iOS, presented by a cute deer in glasses, and available for Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Portuguese. Plus, you can also learn these languages through French, Spanish, German.

Text Inspector

top language tool

This app allows you to paste any English text and have it analysed for difficulty level.

Predominantly, this is a tool for English learners and teachers. But you could also use it to help you determine what a level really feels like and to see what goes into language in use. It’s easy to guess at being B1, but helpful to get some references. Getting to know your own language better is often overlooked, but will always pay off for you when you learn other languages.

Watch Text Inspector in action with an analysis of Donald Trump's tweets.

There is a German ‘sister’ to this at which points out errors in texts up to 500 characters.

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An online forum designed for language learners to talk about stuff you'd normally talk about in a forum. Simple, and makes so much sense for language learners who are forever getting told to "find something fun and use it for learning."

Talk about what you love, no matter if it's Beyoncé, the Olympics, or what's hot on Instagram.



DARE YOU OPEN UP REDDIT? If you do, you may be richly rewarded. Reddit's language learning subforum is a great starting point for finding resource lists, answers to common questions, support, and discussions all around learning languages.



FutureLearn is a classic! Their online courses include great audience interaction, quality videos, curriculums designed by universities. FutureLearn offers its courses for free at the time that they are live. Their current offerings include Irish 101 and 102, Korean, German, Catalan language and culture, Spanish, Italian, Frisian. Great for dabbling or adding some structure for free.

babadum language game


A lovely image-based vocab game to play in your browser, made by a non-profit design studio from Poland. The range of langauges is massive!

Uber Sign Language

A very simple app and website to help you learn the basics of American sign language so you can communicate with deaf drivers. (I got this the wrong way round on the show, so ignore me there and listen to Lindsay!).

Listen to find out our TOP 3 recommended language learning tools for spring/summer 2018.

Have you tried any of our top 3 yet? And what are veggie burgers called where you are in the world? Leave a comment below and join the conversation.