A Good Handle on the Hangul (Podcast Episode 47)

In this episode, we let you guys take us where you wanted us to go with your awesome listener messages.

Some of What We Talked About

  • Where to go when you travel to Lithuania (home of our first listener)
  • Great tips for studying Korean, like how to study the grammar and where to go next after learning Hangul script
  • Is there ever a perfect language course that is not too slow and not too fast?
  • How to set yourself little language goals
  • Great apps on your smartphone that help you learn languages (we mentioned DOZENS and you've never heard of half of these - guaranteed!)
  • How to beat procrastination when you’re supposed to be studying your languages

The Language Learner's iPhone Gallery


We want to thank you guys so much for sending us so much feedback (especially Paulina, Stephen and Andy) in this episode. Keep it coming, we always read your reviews and feedback and definitely want more voice messages.

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There are so many more that we mention on the show, so don’t forget to check out our home screen gallery for inspiration.

Beating Procrastination

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