8 Life-Changing Language Learning Events Around the Globe

When was the last time you hugged a language learner?

Language learning can be lonely, so events that bring us together make a huge difference in motivation and attitude. After I reported on the Language Show Live in London last month, there were so many people commenting and saying

"I wanna go to this, how can I find out when and where?"

How to Find The Best Language Learning Events

There are three different types of events to attend, ranging from small meet-ups to global conferences. The following list of events covers a few from each type, but of course there are many many more to find.

Watch this video to learn what you need to know:

Get out of the house, go and meet up with other language lovers. You won't regret it.

1. Polyglot Events

Polyglot events are a newly emerging trend that I've noticed over the past few years. These events are fuelled by language lovers discovering online communities about productivity, language learning and wanting to learn from established speakers.

The interesting thing about these particular events is that they are often community-organised, and put together by "non-academic scholars" who want to share a love of language learning. Far from being competitive or uppity, these meetings are perfect for independent learners.

polyglot conference

Considering itself "multilingualism on stage", the Polyglot Conference focuses on talks from speakers covering all things language. This year alone, there were presentations about language blogging, how design can bridge the language gaps, and how Yiddish is forming communities in many places. Check out the full agenda for more inspiration.

The next Polyglot Conference is going to take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia in Oct 2018. Check them out on Facebook.

polyglot gathering

This European event runs for a whole four days! The focus is on community, with many participants also speaking on one session or another, international food evenings, and a spontaneous lightning talk session for anyone. Chris from Actual Fluency has called it life-changing.

Judith Meyer, one of the principal organizers, says:

We have a lot of speakers, because we assume that as polyglots, we all have something to teach each other and we all have something to learn.

The next Polyglot Gathering is in 2018. Sign up to their newsletter to make sure you get updates when the tickets are available.

In 2016, Langfest founders Joey and Tetsu recognised that it's about time the North American continent got involved in the polyglot world! The bilingual city of Montréal plays host to Langfest now, formerly the North American Polyglot Symposium. From conference talks to bilingual tours, this festival of languages is perfect for getting you motivated and inspired.

[Get your ticket for the 2017 event now with a 25% discount.][https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/langfest-montreal-20170825-27-tickets-30488636332?discount=kerstin]

The Polyglot Workshops combine instruction with coaching and community. There's a well-known instructor team of Alex Rawlings, Richard Simcott, and occasionally Olly Richards, to guide you through a the full day schedule. Each workshop is limited to 25 places. Currently there are no plans for future events, but the website does promise an online version soon.

Alex Rawlings explains:

There are no events quite like the Polyglot Workshops. There are hundreds of thousands of courses you can take, but this is the only one that takes a step backwards from that and instead teaches you how to learn a language properly with exclusive one to one time with world renowned experts. Everybody who's been to our workshops loves them, and an enormous percentage keep coming back for more!

2. Language Festivals & Trade Shows

Language festivals and trade shows are organized all over the world. Trade shows are not the same as the polyglot-focused events above, but they are usually free to attend and a great place to meet like-minded people. Here are some of the biggest names in the business.

Expolingua is a trade fair, so it's dominated by language businesses offering study trips, textbooks and language courses in all corners of Germany and Europe. But that is not everything, as you can also attend talks and debate language policy in Europe or find out more about career opportunities. Or how about a mini-course in Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese..?

The Language Show is the UK's biggest language-focused event. The London event takes place in mid-October, and now the team behind LS Live has also added a Glasgow Language Show.

I attend the language show regularly and love how it brings together many businesses, teachers, and learners who want to find out what's new in this industry. It puts language learning on the map in the UK. Read my full review of the Language Show Live 2015.

Language World is an event for language teachers in the UK, held at a different UK University campus every year. Its talks focus on language policy and how to make the best out of teaching languages in schools here in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you're involved in classroom learning, this is a great choice for you.

festival lenguas chile

Cristobál, who blogs at krzysiek.cl, told me about the Fiesta de los idiomas in Providencia, Chile. With over 20 free 45-minute language classes for adults and for children, the festival sounds like a fun day out. Cristobál says:

In Chile, there isn't a great policy to encourage language learning, and having such opportunities [for exposure] are fundamental to create awareness. I often saw families with young children, students and old people going, sitting down in the grass and learning.

London has a HUGE language community and the founders of Languages in London are getting right in there. Join them for regular meet-ups, all organized through the cool Facebook group Languages of London, where you can join over 400 fellow learners.

Blogger Teddy Nee is involved in a large language café event in his city Taipei, Taiwan. Imagine a large meet-up open to anyone who wants to practice their languages. Participants are free to join any language table they want. If you're in Taipei, join them here to find out more!

Smaller Meet-Ups In Your Area

As the language learning community grows online, we're also seeing so many more offline events for language learners. Just think - even my little city Lancaster has a language café!

If you are curious about what's happening in your area, try joining a Facebook group dedicated to being a language learner, as those are always buzzing with events and discussions. Here are a few for you to choose from:

Which ones have you attended?

Tell me about your own language adventures in the comments - which other events are unmissable?

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