Language Linkfest: October 2014

Happy Halloween!

Sometimes time moves too quickly for us to even keep up with. The world's so busy and so intense that no one should be expected to keep up with everything, ever. I love following the language news myself and of course I write the Fluent blog and have a job to do as well. No wonder time flies!

To help us all keep up and take the time to check out what's been going on this month, I decided to put together the Language Linkfest. At the end of every month, this re-cap is going to give you the lowdown on everything noteworthy that you should catch up with, both here on Fluent and out in the world of the web.

Best of Fluent

73 (Yes, Seventy Three!) Awesome Language Blogs For You to Discover

Episode 8 of the Creative Language Learning Podcast, Co-Hosted by me and Lindsay Dow!

A Beautiful Gallery of Multilingual Forest Art

Language Learning On the Web

Live Q&A: What's the Best Way to Learn a Language? I participated as a panel member on this live chat on the UK Guardian website along with Alex Rawlings, Ed Cooke from Memrise, Dr Rebecca Braun of Lancaster University and many other experts. The comments are really worth a read, and I'm so glad the Guardian is so committed to language learning!

Why the Growth Mindset is the Only Way to Learn

Paddy Ashdown: Learning Six Languages has Changed My Life

11 Facts Yü Should Know About the Umlaut

Tools and Book Recommendations

Through the Language Glass by Guy Deutscher

Lang-8 has released HiNative, a new app where you can get answers to any question about language or culture in your chosen country.

Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata, an amazing immersion book to teach you Latin and demonstrate how awesome both Latin and immersion can be.

Denglisch for Better Knowers, a Bilingual book for German learners, lovers, fans...EVERYONE then.

The Vocab Cookbook, my own Amazon release which sold fantastically well in October and has started bringing in some very happy reviews!