Language Linkfest: February 2015

Hello and welcome to the latest language linkfest, everyone. I know that we skipped an edition on 30 January 2015 to make space for the Language Book Club event over on Facebook, so this month I'm back to once again share what's caught my eye online.

Gorgeous image by  Alexey Kijatov on Flickr

Gorgeous image by Alexey Kijatov on Flickr

Best of Fluent's Blog

Best Language Articles, January 2015

Edupreneur's Corner

And that is it for the Fluent month, which has been ever hectic. I have been very proud to launch my new brand building course Savvy Brand Academy for the Spring intake this week, which is a Branding class for online teachers. So go check it out if you're ready to teach better, earn more and have awesome students.