What Cats Can Teach Us About Language Learning

In today's article, I have something a little different for you: cat philosophy! Let me introduce you to Abigail.

She doesn't know a single word in any language, but she's super smart.

Abigail is my cat, and her favourite thing is snoozing at home. Every day, she looks out of the window and sometimes she plays in the back yard too. And today Abigail left the house in an unusual way - through the front door! I was chatting to my friend and barely noticed her sneaking out, until I found her visiting our neighbours.

Abigail's Adventure

Abigail's Adventure

A second after this picture was taken, Abigail got spooked. Like us humans, she is a creature of habit. So she raced towards the front door, only to find I had closed it in the meantime.

And this is where my cat totally blew my mind.

This little animal with her tiny brain had a backup. Within seconds, she ran up the street and around the corner to reach our back door. I had no idea Abigail knew where the back door is, yet the map in her head told her exactly where to go.

This story might sound completely nuts to you - you've come to a language blogger, why on earth is she talking about cats? But in that one moment where Abigail's inner map directed her to safety, I remembered how language learners feel.

Sometimes you get lost. You forget how to ask a question when you're meeting a native speaker or trying to show your friends what you can do. Or you use the wrong word order, even after practicing for hours.

In those moments, it's time to consult a map.

What's Your Language Map?

I believe that a grammar is a solid language map.

Learning grammar doesn't mean that you have to be perfect. It doesn't even mean that you have to know the rules. But when you're looking for answers or instructions, grammar is the map that gives you what you need. Good grammar guides are your companion, helping you understand how to speak.

Next time you're confused about how to say something, try and check a good guide and you will find that there's a back door for you just like there was for Abigail.

My Offer of Guidance

Here at Fluent, I have created easy grammar courses in French and German.

Most people worry that grammar is too complicated. But in these courses, I know that you will finally get it. I have taught each of these languages for many years, so I have created a step-by-step process that can help you understand grammar quickly and easily.

If you would like to try this out for yourself, Abigail and I have got a special offer for you. You can claim 10% discount on any grammar course in October 2016 by using the code ABIGAIL10.

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Do Your Pets Help You Learn Languages?

If you have a pet or two, I would love to hear more about how they have helped you learn languages? Leave a comment and tell me more about vocab cats or dictionary dogs. Can't wait to hear from you!