The Best Fluent Shelfies of July (Plus: Giveaway Winner Announcement)

The Fluent Summer Giveaway has officially closed and wrapped up!

I love doing the prize draw and notifying all the giveaway winners myself because it makes me feel like a little language fairy who gets to brighten everyone's days. This year, the prizes went to a total of 20 winners. Congratulations, you guys!

The winners are:

Margaret Nokling, Kimberley Howes, Amy clarke, Lealu Elliott, Grzegorz Kalarus, Catrin James, Francesca Tuck, Angela Walker, Rachael jones, James Hewlett, Maureen Findley, Cathryn Bowen, Angel Armstead, Toulson Chris, Emily Clark, Jake Brown, Clare Woodman, Shannon Kennedy, Ian Fariel, Liane Mccreanor and Edwards Cheryl.

If you've not had an email from me in your inbox yet, get in touch to find out what you have won.

fluentshelfie Success

A shelfie is a picture of your bookshelf that you can share online. A bit like a selfie, but smarter!

If you have built up a sizeable collection of language books, this summer gives you an opportunity to show them off in the #fluentshelfie contest. The hashtag started out as a way to claim extra chances to win in the giveaway, but quickly gained popularity as posts from language lovers came in on Instagram and Twitter.

Showing off your langauge bookshelves is so much fun and allows you to participate in the big language learning community online. So if you haven't posted your #fluentshelfie yet, it's not too late.

Best #fluentshelfies of July

Check out the whole Shelfie gallery over on Instagram.

Here are some of my favourite Shelfies from July:

Thanks for the #fluentshelfie Posts, and please keep them coming! I love that this hashtag is picking up steam and can't wait to see what you're going to share in August.

If you have a shelfie picture that you'd like to contribute to the collection, post it on Instagram or Twitter with #fluentshelfie, or just leave a comment here and tell me the story of your bookshelf!