9 of the Best Resources for Starting to Learn German Online

Guten Tag! Another month, another 9 Resources from Fluent Language! This week we’re tackling 9 amazing resources for learning German, and oh do we have some good resources for you!

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9 best German

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These resources are primarily aimed at beginners and intermediate German learners, however there are a few that could be used effectively at an advanced level, as well. Let’s get started:

1. Language Hacking German with Benny Lewis

Language Hacking is Benny’s approach to language learning, wherein he encourages you to be smart with how you learn. #LanguageHacking is all about learning what’s indispensable and skipping what’s not. Why would you need to learn every word and grammar rule before you start using the language?

Rather than focusing on every miniscule detail, Language Hacking teaches you the most versatile phrases and effective shortcuts to getting fluent faster. The collaboration with Teach Yourself ensures that there is plenty of solid support for all learning styles.

Wanna learn more? Read Kerstin's full review of the Language Hacking Series by Benny Lewis.

2. André Klein’s Books in German for Beginners

Why brood over grammar sheets and lifeless workbooks when you can be entertained and learn natural German at the same time!

André Klein is an inspiring author who loves making things easy for learners. Check out his interview on the Creative Language Learning Podcast. has an extensive list of books with shortstories for beginners and others who wish to learn German. His books range from city-specific ones – such as Zurück inZürich and Walzer in Wien – to fantasy and detective stories with interactive content. The stories are simple yet never boring, and by reading the city-specific ones you should also be able to pick up some cultural knowledge along the way.

3. German Grammar Explanations That Make Sense

The first of two Fluent online courses for German learners, this course takes beginners through simple explanations in the English language. I don't assume that you already know a lot about grammar, I let you understand exactly what each part of the sentence does.

Perfect for self-guided learners who want to understand, speak, and make progress in German.

4. Fluent’s Pronunciation Masterclass

Speaking of pronunciation, I have a ‘Speak German like a Native’ course available too! The course is based on years of working with students and identifying their worries and lack of confidence in speaking German. This mulit-media course will get you over feeling awkward about speaking a new language, and will teach you:

  • How to know instantly what German words should sound like
  • Exactly how to pronounce every word without a foreign accent
  • How to understand native speakers easily

Don’t let yourself fall into a bad habit of fearing to speak German – instead, sign up for Kerstin’s pronunciation course and get speaking!

5. smarterGerman

smarterGerman is a programme that connects the new language, German, to the language you already know. In the founder Michael’s own words: it’s all about connection.

smarterGerman provides learning packages that aim toget you from the A1 to B1 level in 3 months, or custom packages for students onother levels.

smarterGerman boasts a 97% chance to pass you B1 exam afterthis course, which consists of 2 hours daily homework, one to one Skype sessions, 24/7 online-support, and 13 x 45 mins tuition.

You can get to know Michael a little more in his interview with Kerstin for the Creative Language Learning Podcast.

6. Deutsche Welle

This news site has news articles from around the world, podcasts, language learning materials, and support for teaching German as well as learning the language. The materials on the website are ideal for studying together, and all of it is FREE.

7. Jetzt.de

Jetzt is a news and popculture website in German, for advanced learners mostly. This website is perfect to both incorporate some new vocabulary and cultural knowledge in an easy and quick way.

8. @LearnXDGerman

This account tweets in German, and then the English translation just 5 minutes later! Perfect to boost your vocabulary on your morning commute.

9. @dw_learngerman

From the people behind Deutsche Welle, a Twitter account with some German lessons in 140 characters or less! While this certainly won’t make you fluent on its own, combined with all of the resources above you should be well on your way to language fluency.

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Get a free mini guide with these resources and even more when you sign up to the Fluent Cool Kids Club, Kerstin's huge online library full of awesome bonus content. Kerstin's huge online library full of awesome bonus content.

Have You Used Any of These Yet?

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